Richard Florida
by Richard Florida
Wed Sep 20th 2006 at 9:19am UTC

RFCG in Tacoma Washington Working with Community Catalysts

Richard and members the RFCG Team are currently in Tacoma, Washington working with 30 community catalysts for a full two days. Following the two day event (The Tacoma-Pierce County Creative Cities Leadership Seminar), RFCG will work with the group over the next year to help the ‘Tacoma 30′ develop tranformational initiatives for their community.

The Tacoma-Pierce County Chamber of Commerce has been instrumental in organizing this. The group will make use of 3 T data, occupational data from the BLS, and qualitative data compiled by the ‘Tacoma 30′ over the last month to guide it as it plans unique initiatives for the Tacoma community and economy.

We are really excited about this, first-ever Creative Cities Leadership Seminar and updates will come as we move forward with our friends in Tacoma-Pierce County.

(posted by David)

3 Responses to “RFCG in Tacoma Washington Working with Community Catalysts”

  1. Rick Jones Says:

    it is VERY exciting to have the RF Team in Tacoma helping us move forward. I understand The RF Team was centrally instrumental in picking ther ‘Tacoma 30.’ Why the concentration (50%) from the public payroll sector? Thanks in advance, Rick.

  2. Andrew Fry Says:

    Great seminar. You worked us hard over the two days and then immediately threw the teams into our first post seminar assignments. I am excited, hopeful and a bit nervous at the prospects and projects that we have launched ourselves into. Onward toward a stimulus of the vitality, vibrancy and economically impactful effects that these initiatives will have on Tacoma – Pierce County.

  3. Randy Balogh Says:

    Kudos to everyone at RFCG. I share the positive nervousness expressed by Andrew. Just as you guys were learning a lot from the process, the 30 will learn a lot in the weeks ahead. I suspect (and hope) there will be some shifting of focus/purpose among the groups, even some merging, as we hone in on where we can succeed. I see the morphing of process ahead as a cool thing in itself. Think big, start small, create success and build. Thanks guys.