Richard Florida
by Richard Florida
Tue Jan 30th 2007 at 11:16am UTC

Flight of the Fliers

More than 800 million  people traveled internationally last year, breaking previous records,  according to a new report from the United Nations’ World Tourism Organization. Tourism was up 4 percent in Europe and the Middle East, 7.6 percent in Asia-Pacific and 8.1percent in Africa – and 4.5 percent overall.

Guess what region had the weakest growth?   North America, where tourism was up just 2 percent.  While one might think the weaker U.S. dollar would encourage travelers to head to America, tourism from Western Europe to the US fell 3 percent last year.  According to the report, “widespread confusion over  U.S. visa and passport requirements for foreign visitors” is to (hat tip:  Shari Young Kuchenbecker).

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