Richard Florida
by Richard Florida
Sun Feb 11th 2007 at 1:39pm UTC

Geography of Innovation

My old friend Greg Zachary agrees: geography is destiny, innovation is far from flat, and Silicon Valley is very spiky.

“Many times in the past, pundits have declared an
end to Silicon Valley’s hegemony, and even today there are
prognosticators who see growing threats from innovation centers in
India and China. Certainly, great technology ideas can come from
anywhere, but they keep coming from Silicon Valley because of two
related factors: increasing returns and first-mover advantage.  … On
a gut level, we all can understand how these two factors work. Who
wouldn’t want to play for a perennial contender? For the same reason
that Andy Pettitte signs with the Yankees, the best and the brightest technologists from around the world make their way to northern California.”

The whole thing is here. (hat tip: TUS).

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  1. Evan Says:

    I read this one today also.

    In the *print* version, btw.

    Some of us are still dinosaurs. :0p