Richard Florida
by Richard Florida
Tue Apr 3rd 2007 at 2:15pm UTC

The Singles Map


From National Geographic’s February Issue.

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  1. Wendy Says:

    What a fascinating map. I’m left wondering if it is really from 2007 or 1857 — it seems like the “gold rush” out west is still attracting young males seeking their fortune.

  2. Michael Bindner Says:

    Obviously this is related to the industries found in these places, not all of it creative. It would be interesting to separate out clerical workers and agricultural workers, as well as members of the military and gays.

  3. Michael Bindner Says:

    Obviously this is related to the industries found in these places, not all of it creative. It would be interesting to separate out clerical workers and agricultural workers, as well as members of the military and gays.

  4. Richard Says:

    My sense is there is a gender component as well. My wife who’s from the Detroit area once told me that the young men leave to pursue opportunity while the young women stay home to be close to family. Also certain places specialize in certain kinds of occupations. My recent research is looking into the geography of occupations and the geography of personality types. Women and men have different occupational profiles to some degree with women over-represented in nuturing occupations which are more local and tied to place. This deserves more study for sure.

  5. Wendy Says:

    As per my earlier comment, I think there are some lessons and questions from historically comparable situations. We’ve seen large numbers of single males flock to California before. The question now, as in past migrations is how many of them stay long term.

    For example, is California simply a “right of passage” for many creative class males. They go for a few years, gain experience, make money and return home ideally with a fortune, and perhaps with a sharp eye toward marriage and family. Or, do the young males stay and become older single males. I think the gold rush lesson would be most go home or move on, but that perhaps a fresh crop is always replacing them.

    If this map or statistics existed for each decade of the 20th century as well, that might be really interesting information.

  6. Charlotta Says:

    Kind of fun in relation to Wendy’s and Richard’s comments above – we also have this gender effect in Sweden – but working in the opposite direction. Young women migrate to Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmo, leaving the young men behind at home. In the northen parts of Sweden they now have “match-making trips” – sending in young women from Russia by bus to the “starving” Swedish men :-) , hoping to to get some new families in the sparsly populated areas. While in the cities there are tons of Brigit Jones…

  7. Wendy Says:

    What’s really ironic is that many young men cite the availability of “hot California babes” as a reason to try living in LA or San Diego for a while.

    Looks like their chances of getting a date might be better in Chicago or Philadelphia.

  8. pollster Says:

    Where’s the irony in that? Having lived in the midwest as well as California, the “Hot California babes” are not just a myth. If they’re worth it, what’s wrong with a little competition?

  9. Richard Says:

    I met my wife when she was living in a suburb of Detroit. I was shocked – and I mean shocked – at the differences between men and women. Not just physical either – in terms of energy and intelligence. She had a simple explanation which I’ve shared here before. The men go off to find opportunity. A greater share of women stay home for family reasons.

  10. Richard Says:

    Charlotta – I just read your comments. This is really interesting. Can you elaborate on what you think might be driving the difference between Sweden and the US….?

  11. Wendy Says:

    Charlotta and Richard: Maybe we have this all wrong and Charlotta’s observation for Sweden does fit 21st century USA. Maybe it’s the women from California and Seattle going to New York, Chicago and Philadelphia that’s creating the imbalance? Or, at least maybe that’s part of the story we’re missing. It may be a combination of West coast women heading east and men heading west.

    Also, it could be that women are leaving hinterlands around Chicago, Philadelphia, etc. more than men and heading to the nearby hub city. This too, might be more like Sweden.

  12. MPS Says:

    Hmmm – random thought. Is this trend reflected in the two hit HBO shows, “Sex and the City” and “Entourage”? I don’t know much about the supposed origins of the women in “Sex and the City”, (except that the Charlotte character is from blue-blood Connecticut), but it takes place at the hub of the #1 female surplus region (New York). Regardless, they all seem to be from East Coast-ish locations to begin with. Perhaps their frustrations are a reflection of the large single female surplus.

    “Entourage”, on the other hand, is explicitly about young men from Queens, NY migrating to Hollywood, the hub of the #1 male surplus region (LA), and I believe is based on Boston native’s Mark Wahlberg’s experience.

    I agree that the west still holds a “Gold Rush” mentality for young men, and on top of the “Hot Babe” and other beach/surfer dude-oriented aspect of it all, you have the whole Silicon Valley Type-A nerd culture to draw young men from the East. I think it’s also part of the West being the least rooted part of the nation. A young single male who wants to totally throw off his familial and social bonds for more cosmic pursuits would probably like the West better.

    I’m not so sure what Texas holds for these young men, but it could be a combination of big oil in Houston, big funkiness in Austin, and just plain big money in Dallas. San Antonio seems to not joined this club yet.

    I’m surprised the Southeast is such a female-surplus region, but I supposed their young men migrate West, too. Maybe it’s the South’s sometimes exessive “rootedness” (and honestly not all that different from other areas east of the Mississippi) that pushes the most ambitious young men to flee west (and perhaps not even Atlanta appeals to them). The exceptions seem to be Myrtle Beach, SC and inexplicably Hickory, NC.

    And what accounts for the surplus single men in Southwest Florida and on Florida’s East Coast between Jacksonville and Miami? Real estate and developer folks? Does Myrtle Beach fall in that category?

    I’m also reminded of my cousin sister and my best friend, who are married to each other. My cousin ideally would want to live in Manhattan. My best friend would ideally want to live in a dry, cool western location (he loved Flagstaff, AZ, for example). Is there maybe something about females that prefers humidity? When my wife and I have traveled to San Diego, Arizona, or Vegas, I’ve loved the climate, and while she loved it in an abstract sense, she somehow always got sick.

    Also, I’ve often heard of men on either coast, but probably particularly the West Coast, looking back east, especially the midwest, to settle down with a nice girl-next-door and start a family. Especially if that’s where they came from.

  13. DMC Says:

    As a young male with a degree in computer science it seems like a clear cut case of where the technology and ultimately the highest monetary gain exists. California has long been the hub for software/hardware revolutions, Seattle has grown to be a huge industry standard, not just because of Microsoft, but because of the many Aeronautical/mechanical manufacturing/engineering opportunities. The same is true of central Arizona and of Austin, Houston and Dallas. All of those area’s have seen enormous growth in both electrical engineering and software related fields in the last 10 to 15 years.

  14. Hot Babe Magnet Says:

    I think the women are more picky on the east coast, and the men are more picky on the west coast…

  15. Nathan Says:

    as a 32 year old single male Manhattanite, I can explain NY pretty easily. the fashion, PR, design, advertising and publishing industries are all centered here and are all female-dominated…especially at the entry level.

    as for east coast women being pickier…not really…the massive female surplus in NY..has definitely changed the dating paradigm compared to other places I’ve lived. men get away with far more here due to their superior market power (in terms fo shortage). (it’s also the one place where as a male attorney you can routinely date women making far more than you.)

  16. chris Says:

    would be interesting to see the straight/gay filter on top of this.

    found this on

  17. JT Says:

    I think the high concentration of single males out West has a lot to do with immigrant laborers from Latin America and Asia (tech workers), who are predominantly male.

  18. TheChrispy Says:

    I’m a single male who moved to San Francisco half a year ago. Coming from Chicago, I can speak with personal conviction to the effects of this graph.

    When I was in Chicago, I felt like a stud. It was never long for me between hookups and dates. Women weren’t necessarily throwing themselves at me, but at the same time, the action I got made me feel desirable, attractive, and successful.

    Fast forward half a year, where I haven’t gotten laid a single time. I moved out here for the new tech boom, jumping head-first into the gold-rush mentality that’s driving so many other young single men out here as well.

    When I’m hanging out with friends, often times in a large room with few if any women, we routinely turn to the topic of how the dating scene sucks. Most of my guy friends are single, and some haven’t had action in months or years.

    The pool of women, eligible or otherwise, are among the least hot I’ve seen in any city this size. And it doesn’t seem to matter, because they still get treated like royalty. One of my female friends who’s also new to the city says that she’s never received so much attention from men in her life. Great news if you’re a chick, no so much if you’re a dude.

    Perhaps this explains why most online dating sites got started in Silicon Valley.

  19. T Says:

    Maybe it’s more insidious, Lots of the female “excess” is in cities with lots of black people. Since a black man has a better (statistically) chance of going to jail than to college, it leaves lots of excess female population.

    LA and the Southwest gets many first wave(young male and likely illegal) immigrants.

  20. Shake Says:

    How about an interactive one?

  21. Jason Says:

    Wonderful… again, I’m in a sausage fest situation again. Stupid Phoenix. I could have moved somewhere!

  22. Says:

    The Singles Map

    There are 40,000 more single men in Los Angeles than women. I’m moving back to Boston! (or New York where there are 185,000 more single women than men)

  23. Jayson Barclay Says:

    I’m not surprised socal is skewed more male, there are a lot of military bases there. I’m also not surprised to see all the places I’ve ever lived are total sausage fests. I’m moving to be with the ladies.

  24. Cream of Sum Yung Guy Says:

    The map is backward. I wish they all could be California girls? Dumbass.

  25. gondaba Says:

    i had no idea i was surrounded by so many desperately lonely women.

  26. Foreign Language Blog Says:

    The west looks like a giant sausage fest.

  27. PaulGuise Says:

    That does it. I’m so moving to NY. The heck with this sausage centric coast.

  28. allen Says:

    No wonder they love me on the east coast… Im a fucken G-d

  29. Nicholas Says:

    Looks like I’m in a good place (Michigan)

  30. optic82 Says:

    Yeah, its a nice map, but it should really say if those singles are ugly or not. Maybe in the 2.0 map.

  31. Nobody Says:

    The disparity in the west may have something to do with all the rich older men dating young attractive young women.

  32. Galactic Love Says:

    I’m a Man living in Russia and I’m originally from California.

    So basically I’ve gone from dating hell to pure heaven as far as women are concerned.

    Although there aren’t any great graphs to show like this I can tell you that Russia probably has the greatest mismatch of numerically greater numbers of Women to Men in the world. And we are not just talking ordinary women here. We are talking about some of the best women if not THE BEST in the world.

    Check out my blog for more info.

  33. scott Says:

    Now, lets get the numbers on ATTRACTIVE single people =P

  34. Says:


    Warum gibt es so viele unglückliche Singles bei Männern und Frauen? Diese Karte für die USA erklärt’

  35. j. d. Says:

    This map really clears up a lot of things about living here in NYC :)

    I always thought that it was the large numbers of gay men here that made it so easy to get a date.

    like hailing a cab :)

  36. Curious Says:

    Does anyone have a similar map for Canada (or at least Ontario)?

    It would be curious to see if the imbalance is opposite (since the Toronto area is where most new immigrants go and most new immigrants tend to be men looking for opportunities).

  37. Carlos Says:

    Are you guys so focused on your bit of the word to miss the largest migration of people in American history? Clearly, larger numbers of men are willing to walk from their Mexican villages and towns to the cities of the American southwest. I wonder if this alone explains the female shortage in these cities? You see exactly the same pattern on a neighbourhood level in cities like Houston, areas with many first generation hispanic immigrants have many more men than women. I always wonder how many of these guys can still pull off having multiple families that don’t know about each other.

  38. The Daily Drip Says:

    PICTURE: The Singles Map

    PICTURE: The Singles Map. A map of where people are single in the the U.S. Men compared to women. (via digg)…

  39. Angry Ken Says:

    Damnit! And I just moved to Los Angeles. I thought it was bad before.

  40. Phil Says:

    Here on the west coast of Florida, Tampa Bay there are a lot of very good looking females,
    unfortunately most have not seen their 23rd
    birthday yet so the pickins are small.

  41. Randy Says:

    Having lived in Southern California, Northern California, Washington State and now North Carolina in the last decade I can offer a good reason for all of this:

    The large amount of males in Northern California is caused by tech jobs, which are for better or worse, occupied by men. Like someone mentioned earlier, dating SUCKS in the bay area.

    The large amount of males in southern california comes from a few different reasons. The large immigration rate, a large, large amount of military, and men wanting to get into Hollywood Party Scene, acting or the famous beaches.

    As someone mentioned earlier, NY draws tons of women for creative things, such as design, modeling, theatre and some acting.

    Seattle has some similar issues as the bay area of california, as it has quite a few tech jobs (Such as microsoft), as we as labor jobs like Boeing, and UPS.

    Since moving out to NC, I get hit on all the time.. and its freaking AWESOME. Maybe Ill check out the North East eh?

  42. canada Web hosting Says:

    thank you so much

  43. graphgeek Says:

    The graph is quite misleading since it records absolute excess single people, not the excess single people relative to the total local population.

    185 000 extra single women in New York-Newark isn’t that big a deal because it’s taken from a population of 20 million, i.e., the excess is less than 1% of the population.

    All this graph does is to pick out centres of high population. (Notice that the big dots are in California and the North-East Atlantic coast.)

  44. Loic Le Meur blog [FR] Says:

    La carte des célibataires

    Toujours dans les cartes, une carte des célibataires aux Etats-Unis fait par National Geographic. Bleu, c’est les concentrations d’hommes célibataires. Orange, c’est les concentrations filles célibataires. Je vois maintenant pourquoi Google a agrandi l…

  45. Urban Monarch Says:

    u.s. cities with more single women than men

    National Geographic recently published a map showing the areas of the country where single women outnumber single men.
    Far be it from me to imply our web savvy Urban Monarch readers might have missed something that hit the Digg front page. (Knowing t…

  46. Tom Says:

    Very interesting map! My experience comes from living in Finland, Sweden and the UK before moving to CA. I haven’t lived elsewhere in the US but I have to say that it is so much easier to get a date and get more attention from females here. Some say that it is because of accent, maybe so, American women do seem to be fond of them. Other than that, I just know that dating is way easier here!

  47. sewdough Says:

    Hmm. As an single 30 year old in Florida, looks like maybe I should go take my chances with the 2,500 single farmers in Wyoming.

  48. Jayson barclay Says:

    Love can sweep you off your feet and carry you along in a way you’ve never known before. But the ride always ends, and you end up feeling lonely and bitter. Wait. It’s not love I’m describing. I’m thinking of a monorail.

  49. FrazerFraaaaze Says:

    yeaaaah baltimore/DC…

  50. rosynyc Says:

    As a single mid-20s female in Washington, DC, I am finally learning why me and my single female friends, all of whom are well-educated (holders of MAs), attractive, and normal are still single. Makes me even more upset that my plan to move to NYC to meet a guy is probably not the best one anymore…

  51. edddie Says:

    id like to see this map altered to see the caucasian mix. i’d bet my sweet ass the orange-blue dot ratio would change drastically.

  52. siliconrogue Says:

    I can understand the male patterns fairly well. They are all tech-heavy regions, and engineering as a profession is 70-80% male. Organizations may report a more balanced ratio, but from my experience female engineers migrate to marketing and project management faster than male engineers. Male engineers are more interested in the craft, while female engineers see the profession as a vehicle for personal enrichment and improvement, but don’t really have their heart in it.

    As far as Florida: central Florida is developing into a digital media content hub. Not exactly tech, but you do need to be creative and know how to use the computer tools. This is mitigated by Orlando’s female bent; perhaps my explanation is wrong for central Florida.

    However, the semiconductor belt running up central Texas and the chemical operations in Houston, as well as the biotech belt west of Boston seem to confirm this. And the West Coast…

    For a female explanation, I think that the high rates of female enrollment in universities and the high rates of female employment in university administration would give any education-heavy city a female bias. Case in point: Berkeley, CA.

  53. even geekier (female) Says:

    At least in Boston, it’s all about the ELDERLY single women. Makes sense given that life expectancy in massachusetts is 82 for females and 76 for males born in 2005.

    In the city proper there are 22,000 more women than men (4% of total 589,000) but here’s the rough breakdown:

    Under 20: no difference
    20 to 40: 3,500 more females
    40 to 60: 3,500 more females
    Over 60: 15,000 more females

  54. even geekier (female) Says:

    And if you look at the whole state (Massachusetts), there are actually more single men than women between 20-40 years of age. All states/cities are listed:

  55. interestingmapguy Says:

    What a sad, yet interesting map.

    I would encourage some enterprising person at National Geographic to overlay the following statistics onto this map and see how neatly the circles correlate:

    1) Race
    2) Sexual Orientation
    3) Communities of Illegal Aliens

    I think you will quickly find that there is a striking correlation.

    There are more single women in New Orleans, Miami, Chicago, Detroit, East St. Louis, Washington DC, Baltimore, Philadelphia, New York and Boston because there are high concentrations of African Americans in these locations (overlay single mothers to see how sad it must be to live in one of these fatherless communities.)

    There are more single men in Houston, Austin, Dallas, Denver, Phoenix and San Diego because there are high concentrations of illegal aliens in these communities. (Men who come across to support their families, but don’t bring their significant others.)

    San Francisco, Seattle? Well … you can figure out pretty easily why there are so many single men there. They haven’t been allowed to marry.

  56. Andrew Choi Says:

    Women in the DC area seem jaded. There are no smiles and they seem unapproachable. Not to mention no sense of humor.
    Cali girls on the other hand are sooooo easy to talk to. My 2 cents.

  57. Brad Says:

    This singles map shows I have no excuses for being single. I live just outside of Chicago and it looks like the windy city is a haven for lots of single women. I guess I’m kind of picky and I’m not really looking to meet anyone right now (even at 35 yrs old).

  58. heather Says:

    well no wonder why GA sucks.

    i need to move out west!

  59. American Guy Says:

    I have been to the beach cities in Los Angeles, CA., Wichita, Ks. and New York. In the beach cities in California, I would get hot girls coming up to me giving me their phone numbers. It was easy to meet women there. There might be more men, but its easy to get women there. Wichita should have a big blue circle there cause clubs will have about 5 guys to every girl. The girls here are proud of themselves no matter how many kids they have or fat they are. Most, like Nancy Belden just love you and then leave you. They are pathetic out here. In New York, just out and about there would be lots of women all over. Tulsa, Oklahoma had lots of girls there as well.

  60. darkhorse Says:

    First of all, unlike cattle, black people don’t necessarily only date each other. Maybe this isn’t true for other groups, which could be why there are more black women who are still single…

    Second, there may be more women on the East coast than men, but the men in the Northeast seem much more interesting, assertive, fun than men on the West coast, and definitely moreso than men in the South.

    I’d considered moving to Portland, but its lack of racial diversity worried me. What’s the point of having more men than women if none of those men will even look at a black woman? Which is worse – not finding anyone to date because there aren’t enough single men, or being surrounded by single men to whom you are invisible?

  61. YumpaGrumpa Says:

    Agreed. I’m a heterosexual male, slowly moving from young adult into middle age. I’ve lived across the country and outside of it, and I find that I bring my problems with “getting a date” with me wherever I go. Some of my past homes have red dots, some have blue. Chicago is the only town I’ve ever been in where I felt like I was getting “a fair shake” instead of having to constantly BUST MY BUTT just to MEET viable potential partners. In New York, you can SEE a lot of attractive women on the streets, but then you try to get to know them and there’s the whole big-city aloof stand-offish thing which I haven’t ever learned to disarm. “Why is a stranger talking to me? Is he a serial killer? Does he murder people with an axe?” And in Chicago the VAST majority of young adult hetero females are BLUTO GIANT WHALES … and therefore unattractive to me. Silly me, I have a normal human hetero male sex drive. Dangit, maybe my problem is, that I want to incorporate a normal human hetero male sex drive into the abnormal obese female North American context …

  62. Motorcycle Guy Says:

    Wow I’m surprised there are more single women in new orleans. Maybe that’s why they always go around flashing.

  63. Spencer Says:

    I agree with the others; without the demographics to drill down, the aggregate data is virtually meaningless.

    Ex: Fine, there are more single women total in the Boston-DC “corridor of death” than elsewhere. -But what are the per-capita %s on the 22-29, 105-130lb, no kids, white, latin, asian, >25% bodyfat, hotties?

    -THOSE would truly be useful numbers! :)

    -That, and NG should add a sidebar to the article on why every 1/2 ugly girl in the NYC area with a pair of butt-crack jeans and a crappy “Strokes” t-shirt thinks she’s a Brazilian Supermodel and has the attitude problems to match.
    -Ahh, the mysteries of life…

  64. PG Says:

    As a single male in LA (and in my early 40s), I can say this does not feel like a city where guys outnumber the women. What that big blue dot is not showing is the high number of gay men here that make it quite nice for a straight guy- as far as dating women goes.

    As much as NYC, the (white) professional women in the white collar/entertainment world are constantly bemoaning the “lack of guys.” Take that however you want, but the single women in this city are not jumpng for joy at all the guys they have to date. Just ask them.

  65. Tess Says:

    I’m a single 40 year old woman(still looking hot) ha! and moving to San Franciso City…Will I actually meet lots of available single men to date???
    That will be awsome because Honolulu Hawaii sucks big time for women. Beautiful women inside and out go litterally years without a date. I’m so ready for romance…I want to live in Sasulito…Hmmmm?? Well at least I’ll be working in the city. I thought all the men in San Franciso were Gay?? I hope I’m wrong.

  66. Karina Says:

    Hope you are wrong!
    I live in The gay city ( Miami ) So I am about to move either to Chicago or to San Francisco….I am afraid that all this single guys in SF are gays and I am afraid that I’ll stay single forever in Chicago!!

  67. Luke Scott Says:

    I’ve lived in Seattle several years. I concur the dating scene here is not favorable for a single male. There are single women but seems a majority are overweight, which is the primary factor behind their single-ness.

    Some anecdotal evidence that east coast dating is better for men. A male friend relocated to NYC recently and landed a GF within a month. He had no luck in the couple years I knew him in Seattle, and he was trying harder than most to land a girl. He said the NYC dating scene was much better and women more friendly and sincere.

    Another male friend relocated to Chicago for work a few years ago. He’s a short guy – probably 5′4″ – and of course dating is more difficult for shorter guys. He had no luck in Seattle. He went to Chicago and now he’s engaged. It took him some time there to land this girl, but before he met her he was telling me the opportunities in Chicago were much more plentiful.

    A FEmale friend relocated from NYC said the dating scene here was way better. First time I met her there were 3 single guys including me buzzing around her trying to get a word in, trying to get her attention. Single and THIN, we just don’t see that very often here.

  68. berkeley chick Says:

    siliconrogue wrote:

    “For a female explanation, I think that the high rates of female enrollment in universities and the high rates of female employment in university administration would give any education-heavy city a female bias. Case in point: Berkeley, CA.”

    Well, if the males are so mobile why don’t the Silicon Valley males hie themselves to Berkeley then? The Berkeley gals only get as far as San Francisco before encountering the mounds of gay males and turning back.

  69. MikeS Says:

    This explains the phenomenon in SF where the women think they’re hotter than they are, which is the first thing my out of town friends (male and female) say upon spending time in SF. As we say here, the women think they’re 2 points (on a scale of 1-10) hotter than they are. My LA friends best describe it, The City of Sixes.

  70. Design Consilience Says:

    The Singles Distribution

    From the Creative Class blog, a map of the US and the distribution of singles. I know where I’m moving to…

  71. James Says:

    I live in Dallas and I can say that this map tells me what I have believed to be true for quite a while. I am an attractive successful guy who spent $1500 on a membership to an elite dating service. Half the women I met were educated afro-american professionals which argees with an earlier posting. Of the other mainly Caucasian half I would consider 1 out of 5 attractive.

    A lot of guys I know agree that Dallas is a bad city to meet people. The girls I have luck with are usually from out of town and have not yet picked up on the local culture. I had one friend tell me that he dates out of town girls becuase “Dallas girls are hard”. I had another friend tell me he married a foriegn girl becuase local girls are “all about money”.

    The local girls typically wear expensive clothes, have big egos, go out in groups that don’t like being approached, and don’t try to meet anyone becuase they expect to be setup at some point.

  72. Lori Says:

    I’m a caucasian, 32, MA holding Canadian female in Australia and trying to decide between Canada and the US (Minn.) In Canada and Australia we are constantly hearing about a shortage of men (especially in major centres). I am thinking maybe I shouldn’t head to one.

    I can (as a girl) relate to a few other comments on here. It’s one thing to meet a single guy, its another thing if he is not gay, house-trained and able to carry a conversation and attractive. But then I have been in Aus. for a few years, here they prefer to go out with their rugby mates and expect to make you a booty call (with the absolute worst sex I have ever had in my life – not from one guy – almost ALL of them.) Definitely time to leave, I sound jaded. I miss Canadian and American men.

    Winnipeg and Minneapolis are looking better all the time.

  73. mike Says:

    The map reflects Latino male workers, may of whom are male and come to LA. The Western states have the male surplus. If they broke the map out by race all the extra men would be Hispanic (mostly Mexican).

  74. mike Says:

    A San Francisco Bay Area 10 is an LA 5, which is odd cause there are more male gays then lesbians there. Also SF women do not attempt to look good in any way. Call it Metrosexual for females, the “dyke-ish” wanna be look. There are less obese people in sf then other areas though.

  75. mike Says:

    Given the fact that this map indicates race, spoken language (Spanish) and social/economic class populations and religion (Catholic or Christian-Protestant) along with gender, and that people frequently date others of the same race and/ or primary language spoken (English or Spanish) and/or economic class and/or religion, it really has nothing to do with the reality of ease or difficulty of dating. In other words there are a s-itload of sub groups other then just men and women.

  76. Maddie Says:

    Here’s a link to an interactive map along the same lines:

    Where do the top 40 cities rank for singles based on Nightlife, Career, Affordability and Online Dating Activity? See the results of the Forbes survey on Google Maps.

  77. Templeton Peck Says:

    The gender gap in southern California comes from just a difference in perception. All these girls they asked think they have a boyfriend, but the guys still consider themselves single. Girls in LA do what girls do, look for a mate, but guys in LA are looking to hook up with as many other hot girls as possible.

  78. Jim Says:

    I’ve been dating for years on various sites. It takes a long time to find someone special. I never thought I would find the woman of my dreams. Who would have ever thought it would have been on site. She is not only beautiful on the outside but beautiful on the inside as well. I don’t remember being able to laugh uncontrollably with anyone like this.It has been a true pleasure meeting her. We have been dating for almost three months now and I look forward to the marriage.

  79. Phil Says:

    Northern CA is the best place in the country for a single woman to go. I have tons of freinds most of them normal hard working business owners or professionals that resort to dating less attractive or older women. They think this is normal but it isn’t so normal for this East Coast guy.

    Ladies come out here there are tons of single wealthy guys waiting to sweep you off your feet.

  80. BadNews Says:

    Ethnicity plays a role, too. In the south and other large african-american areas, the males tend to suffer from more imprisonment and deaths overall.

  81. Clay Miller Says:

    I hate the way this sounds, but I’d really appreciate seeing these statistics broken out by… well… um… by race. My suspicion is that black people are the deciding “tiebreakers” in these statistics, but until I see some see real numbers I’ll never know for sure.

    I’m perfectly willing to do some real-deal research. If anyone has some smart hook-ups on where to look then I’d sure appreciate them.

  82. susan Says:

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  83. Barbara Payne Says:

    Wow. What an eye-opener these comments are, guys.

    If you want to find out some non-related-to-dating reasons why single women flock to certain areas, check out the maps here.

    At SWWAN, the Single Working Women’s Affiliate Network, we’re all about single working women who are totally comfortable in their choices. It’s not always about you, guys. Sometimes it’s about opportunity, options, culture, and fun.

  84. AKALucifer Says:

    If you lay this over a map with the pH of rainwater across America you get an interesting correlation.

  85. web design company Says:

    There’s only 2500 singles in Wyoming? What?

  86. John Says:

    I totally agree with these statistics. Coming from the West Coast the change in gender ratios are astounding. Not to mention that east coast girls are also more well rounded and worldly then west coast girls. Coming from Seattle where girl to guy ratio seems to be about 1/6, and most of them a bit out of shape covered up by their North Face jackets, since there is not a whole lot of motivation to work out when the sun doesnt come out much. And for those girls that are somewhat good looking in the NW, they know it and have the attitude and high maintenance to go with it. Same goes for Cali -mostly very high maintenance, flashy and fake girls. By moving to DC I noticed a switch in ratios – 6 girls to every guy about. Again, a lot more educated, worldly and well rounded girls in the bigger east coast cities (NY and DC).

  87. Mark Says:

    You would never guess there are more females than males in DC, or at least it doesnt do any good. That probably has a lot to do with the prevailing mentality/personality of girls in DC.

    I’d be interested to see a map like this which points out not just sheer numbers like this one, but rather as a percentage of total population or guy/girl ratio.

    Also, I have a question. There is a map under the maps section of the “Who’s your city” tab thats similar to this. At first glance, it looks the same but some cities are different. For example, on the map above, Las Cruces, NM is a small red dot. But on the one on the other page, which also claims to be from the Feb 2007 Nat Geo, its a small blue dot. Other differences include Amarillo, TX, Provo, UT, Tucson, AZ, Roanoke, VA and Charleston, WV. What is the difference between the two maps?

  88. Says:

    The Singles Map…

    If you are asking yourself: Where are all the singles?…

  89. kallenyc Says:

    I’ve lived in NYC for 6 years and dated A LOT. Before that, I lived in VA Beach and didn’t date too much mainly because I was never that impressed. Upon coming to New York, there was a HUGE difference in the quality of men–leagues smarter, more independent than the military momma’s boys of VA Beach, sophisticated, generous and professionally accomplished. Last but not least, the quality and percentage of skilled lovers here is LEAGUES above what I experienced in VA or OH where I grew up. That said, getting a guy to settle down or simply not lie to you and run around on the side is nearly impossible. Everyone has so many options and most people come to NYC as a career move with family priorities secondary at best if existent at all. My parents live in the SF area and I have a guy friend who is always complaining about the dating scene there and lack of compelling eligible women. I agree that women in SF think they’re hotter than they are. I’ve been in the bars there and routinely see women who couldn’t score attention in a dive bar in NYC whipping around the place with two or three decent eligible bachelors ogling them and I’m floored. I would never go out of the house dressed like 80% of them yet the men they’re attracting are younger and better looking than most I’ve dated in NYC (albeit likely less accomplished and financially secure). I’m seriously considering moving to SF as I’m getting older and tired of the BS dating scene here which is a guy’s playground until he decides to grow up, move away (typically) and start a family in a normal place. To give some perspective, I’m an actress/model with an engineering degree from a top university and from a solid family…and, yes, still single in NYC.

  90. Caligal Says:

    Hate to say it, but it is not just a matter of being “thin”. I’m 5′4″, in good shape, leggy and 110 lb. (granted, I’m 47) and haven’t been approached since my husband’s death several years ago. It’s all about the face, ladies. If getting “work done” is your thing, you’ll have lots of dates, but unless you meet the Barbie doll face standard,you’ll have a tough time. I have a nice smile, blue-green eyes, I’ve been told nice nose and symmetrical face–not sexpot gorgeous–but attractive. Just being “attractive” is no longer enough. Men now want you “plastic-surgeried” to the max. They want the pouty, big botox lips and big fake boobs to go along with it. Don’t even THINK of having a few (gasp)crow’s feet around your eyes (comes with the territory of being 47). The standard has become almost impossible to meet, wherever the location. The Farrah Fawcett of the 70s would not be considered attractive by today’s standards.
    As for me, I’ll live in the memory of at least having had a “deeper” man before. . . . .sigh.

  91. Victoria Says:

    Verified statistics are great and all, but it’s really all about your outlook.
    I’m 48 and far hotter (and confident LOL!) now than I was in my 30s. I’m a happy person and never want for dates in NYC or anywhere else. As long as you’re yourself, people want to be around you. Period. You’ll have dates, wherever you are. I feel sorry for the lady who posted right before mine…

    It’s not who you are that holds you back, it’s who you think you’re not.

  92. JoJo Says:

    Well I can tell you that if your location is in a blank area on the map – you might as well be an Indian with an arranged marriage. Small town America is exactly the wrong place to be single or single again. You can have personality to burn, a degree, and be in better shape than 99% of your 30 year class reunion… BUT you have to dumb it down, check you mind at the door, and more or less be a fake to score with the locals. I’ll go somewhere else in one of those orange dots before I “sell out” to score with the local nitwits! Oh yeah… BTW Caligal… those dudes who want the botoxed out fake boobs tells me you are probably in one of those blank areas on the map.

  93. Brandonn Says:

    This is quite an interesting map, since it’s two years old they need to make an updated singles map and need to dot more smaller cities too. Im a single guy in east Idaho and have had terrible luck finding a girl and about everywhere around here I go most of the time it’s a sausage fest but it looks like California is much worse than here in Idaho – glad I don’t live there! I go clubbin in Boise and also in Salt Lake quite often too and yeah even though women in Utah are attractive but a lot of them are picky and pretty much everywhere in Salt Lake there’s usually always more men out than women so I agree with this map regarding Salt Lake.

    Boise however isen’t as bad as far as a surplus of men is concerned & seems to have a little better odds but I do know when I go out to the bars/clubs in Boise there’s usually a little more men than women but it seems like still everywhere you go it’s hard for a real single men like myself to hook up with a girl. I wish I had the spare time & money to travel to them cities east of the Miss. River like Chicago or NYC for example that have a surplus of females and ones that would love a real man like me! Yeah I agree, there’s too many men here in the west – makes for too much compitition!

  94. All the single ladies | Says:

    [...] important to note National Geographic February 2007 started all this ruckus and I love information [...]

  95. Janelle Says:

    I grew up in Chicago where I was a bomb shell and never lacked for male attention, companionship, and love. At 34 I moved to Vegas, met and kissed the most gorgeous men and had a blast. It’s acceptable to be sexy there. I had a great love for a while, but he passed away.

    I moved to NYC, where NOBODY talks to me let alone hits on me, and I’m tall, in shape, run my own business, dress fashionably and have great conversation skills. The men here, it’s so odd, I don’t approach them because I just really think so many are gay and I can’t tell because they don’t hit on me, so I don’t approach them or put out signals. Ironic.

    I moved to NJ where I met more people in two weeks, men and women friends, than in 8 years in NYC.

    But these men are too simple for me, not ambitious enough.

    I’m 43 and still single and that’s fine most of the time. I won’t settle.

  96. WelshMan Says:

    Hey I’m from the UK and the girls over here are difficult, let me tell you. Put together miserable weather, a “love myself” attitude and the money surrounding the country with football players who earn £100k A WEEK, the average guy had to bide his time. I’m not slow with women, I’ve had enough, but it would just be nice to go out and not have to make so much of an effort. Seems girls here like the attention and wont give it back. NYC here I come.

  97. skippercollector Says:

    I’ve been seeing different discussions about this map for a year now. Never see comments about the Midwest. For as long as I can remember there have ALWAYS been more women than men in Cincinnati. Every place I go to, the ratio is always at least 60/40, and sometimes up to 90/10. I’m talking about school (kindergarten up to college), different places I’ve worked, festivals, sporting events, concerts, recreational areas, church, family gatherings, parks, you name it.

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