Richard Florida
by Richard Florida
Mon Apr 30th 2007 at 7:00am UTC

Fast Food’s Global Map

The Sunbelt leads the United States in fast-food consumption, but America really is fast food nation. The map is from the fantastic mapping site, Worldmapper which adds this description:

This map shows the distribution of one major brand of fast food
outlet. By 2004 there were 30,496 of these outlets worldwide. Of these,
45% were located within the United States so it appears large on this
map. The next highest number of these outlets are in Japan, Canada and
Germany. The world average number of outlets of this one brand
alone is 5 per million people. In the United States there are 47 per
million people; in Argentina and Chile the rate is a tenth of the
American rate; the rate in Indonesia, China and Georgia is a hundredth
of the American rate. In all the territories of Africa there were only
150 outlets: mostly in South Africa.

One Response to “Fast Food’s Global Map”

  1. DJM Says:

    Japan? I’ve lived there and there are plenty of golden arches. I can’t seem to find it on the map.