Richard Florida
by Richard Florida
Mon Apr 30th 2007 at 11:05am UTC

Feel the Creative Heat (Swedish Style)

Since you liked the U.S. one so much, how about looking at the Creative Class in Sweden?  [hat tip:  Charlotta Mellander for providing the raw data for me to map.]


The map shows the "heat" being generated by the Creative Class across Sweden.  There are a few bits of warmth in the chilly north along the coast, but they don’t get to share the warmth generated by their neighbors like the southern regions. The hot spots are Stockholm, Malmö, and Götebörg. I generated the map based on current Creative Class numbers and plotted the log of the total number of Creative Class members in each kommun.  The heat mapping process is based on both individual strength and proximity to others and their values, so the higher population densities favor the south.  Values are displayed relative to the other locations on each map, so the results stay consistent but the view changes with zoom levels.  For separate regional views or a better version of the map, see the attached PDF file.

Download CreativeClassSwedenHeatMap2.pdf

Posted by: Kevin Stolarick

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