Richard Florida
by Richard Florida
Fri Nov 30th 2007 at 5:58pm UTC

Anthropology of Ideology Alert No. 1

I think this post is exactly the type of post that could use a little more of what Tyler Cowen dubs “anthropology of ideology” – not to mention a refresher course in grammar and writing.

Unfortunately, what research we do have has been unable to find the true
causal mechanisms to what is shaping up to be one of America’s most
vexing urban problems. It is somewhat unclear whether the new residents
were full douche bags before they arrived, or whether they were
transformed into douche bags upon moving into their new abodes. Is
douchebagness produced by the local environment? Do the handful of non
douche bag residents run the risk of becoming douche bags do to
increased exposure to small dogs, overpriced handbags and DINKs? Or are
douche bags somehow integral to the production of new urban space? As
cities slowly but surely rezone every inch of waterfront land for high
rise condos in the hoping of luring the Richard Florida Fan Club, a
massive influx of complete, utter, quasi and mega class douche bags to
what may have once been somewhat interesting, gritty or real places is

What is it about our time and technology which has seemingly enabled and encouraged people to disseminate such gibberish? When did it become OK to publish unsolicited opinion without so much as looking at data or collecting a single solitary fact?  My sense is this is worse in urban planning related matters than in most other fields, but that may simply be because it’s my field.

2 Responses to “Anthropology of Ideology Alert No. 1”

  1. Michael R. Bernstein Says:

    Umm… The whole weblog is labeled as satire, so the criticism on ideological grounds seems unwarranted.

    Now, as far as not being very *good* satire, or particularly well written, I’m with you all the way.

  2. Richard Florida Says:

    I saw the label on the blog. I didn’t think it absolves it from the Cowen test. And as satire ….