Richard Florida
by Richard Florida
Fri Nov 30th 2007 at 11:50am UTC

Karl Marx: Journalist, Blogger


A list of his posts is here (via Mark Thoma).  I got a kick out of this quote, from a new Marx biography by Francis Wheen:

After gaining his doctorate [Marx] thought of becoming a philosophy lecturer,
but then decided that daily proximity to professors would be intolerable. ‘Who
would want to have to talk always with intellectual skunks, with people who
study only for the purpose of finding new dead ends in every corner of the
world!’ Besides, since leaving university Marx had been turning his thoughts
from idealism to materialism, from the abstract to the actual. ‘Since every true
philosophy is the intellectual quintessence of its time,’ he wrote in 1842, ‘the
time must come when philosophy not only internally by its content, but also
externally through its form, comes into contact and interaction with the real
world of its day.’ That spring he began writing for a new liberal newspaper in
Cologne, the Rheinische Zeitung; within six months he had been
appointed editor.

Lots more here and here.

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