Richard Florida
by Richard Florida
Tue Jul 22nd 2008 at 6:51am UTC

Fittest Cities

The American Fitness Index ranks US cities.

Check out the interactive map.

3 Responses to “Fittest Cities”

  1. Michael Wells Says:

    Too bad it’s only 16 cities. But it let me check my theory that cities are less obese than the rest of their states, from the “Mapping North America” post earlier in July.

    Seattle 21.2 Wash 24.5
    SF 19.1 Calif 23.1
    Boston 19.0 Mass 20.9
    Atlanta 25.6 GA 27.4
    Philly 22 PA 25.7
    Chicago 24.2 Ill 25.3

    The top 4 are Creative Class cities.
    All but Atlanta are in the top 10 for walkability on the recent post.
    SF & Boston would be dark green, close to Colorado on the state map.

  2. Michael Wells Says:

    I assume its obvious the numbers are % obese in both cases.

  3. ernie rivas Says:

    Hello:) Listened to you on coast to coast am last night. Could relate to a female caller that relocated to Austin, Tx. I just relocated from Duluth Mn. to San Antonio Tx. What a mistake. Have been searching for work on a daily basis and I’m still walking and knocking on doors. Have a bachelors and some grad. school but i am stuck here. Duluth was a very environmentalist friendly city. Lots of recycling. San Antonio just throws everything away at the dump site. Very Sad. I might try my luck in Austin. Lived there in the 70’s…ernie