Richard Florida
by Richard Florida
Fri Jul 25th 2008 at 10:07am UTC

Mapping Emotion


The map here is from a project by Christian Nold, a London-based artist, using technology to measure levels of stimulation.  Here’s a project summary.

Bio Mapping is a community mapping project in which over the last four years
with more than 1500 people have taken part in. In the context of regular, local
workshops and consultations, participants are wired up with an innovative
device which records the wearer’s Galvanic Skin Response (GSR), which is a
simple indicator of the emotional arousal in conjunction with their geographical
location. People re-explore their local area by walking the neighbourhood with
the device and on their return a map is created which visualises points of high
and low arousal. By interpreting and annotating this data, communal emotion maps
are constructed that are packed full of personal observations which show the
areas that people feel strongly about and truly visualise the social space of a

Data are here. (via Mind Hacks, Corante)

3 Responses to “Mapping Emotion”

  1. Matt Says:

    So a busy traffic crossing literally made their skin crawl?

  2. Tim Says:

    Lets face it cities need to be built for people not cars. In a compact efficient city cars are not worth the space they take.

    Cars can so easily kill pedestrians and cyclist. Cyclist need to be protected from cars. Cars don’t share the road. They muscle and terrorize pedestrians cyclists.

    Try this which would you rather do?
    1) Pedistrian: Stay too long in a cross walk? Cross walk time is shorter than geen light time by design.
    2) Car: Drive through a yellow light? Bunny hop a green light?

    Case 1: The pedistrian is muscled by cars. Need to stay alert just in case a car runs a light. Better to die another day.
    Case 2: The car doesn’t even realized they are terrorizing pedestrians. And probably don’t care.

  3. Probate Says:

    I mean this in the most constructive way.

    Most of the elements of your website imply that the user understand your subject prior to visiting the page. A clear and concise paragraph of your idea is needed also comment on how the tidbtit fits into the larger context of your theory would be helpful.

    It almost feels like I missed the first day of your training class, where ever I turn to in you site. Can you create a learning pathway? Awesome ideas poorly organized. Why so many pictures of yourself? Show pictures of successful “open to experience” personality types.

    It always about the customer, or idea

    Think; inviting, friendship, sharing and community, how about a discussion forum?

    Your coast to coast interview was perfect… the website is a lot less so.

    A short cut to instant success would be an audio clip on your site.