Richard Florida
by Richard Florida
Thu Jul 31st 2008 at 8:02pm UTC

Wal-Mart Across America

Here’s a terrific interactive map of Wal-Mart locations since 1962 (h/t: Kevin Stolarick).

One Response to “Wal-Mart Across America”

  1. Zoe B Says:

    This reminds me of creeping charlie taking over my lawn. The creeping charlie got its start in a bare patch, where the grass would not bother to grow. Then it invaded the grass, and before I really paid attention there was no grass left. Walmart started in the economically bare (in relative terms) southern US, and we only noticed when it killed off our local businesses.

    One can argue for creeping charlie. You don’t need to fertilize it or mow it. But the neighbors think it’s low-class.