Richard Florida
by Richard Florida
Thu Jul 31st 2008 at 1:46pm UTC

Take Me to a Happy Place

Check out this new study by Veolia Observatory of Urban Lifestyles. It’s based on a survey of 8,500 people in 14 global cities. Overall, eight in 10 big-city residents are happy with their cities and three-quarters would stay where they live. Cities are viewed as efficient and great places to meet people, but also as stressful and anonymous. There’s also a short story in USA Today. Some top-line findings.

Because of its density and activity, the city is first and foremost seen as a place where you can meet people. More than two thirds of city dwellers see the city as making meeting people easier … In any event, all cities and all population groups combined, city dwellers lament the poor quality of contact. This superficiality that contrasts with the human density brings out feelings of psychological anxiety and isolation.There is also an underlying fear of total anonymity, translated by the idea that the city is stronger than its inhabitants …

For 66% of city dwellers, living in the city is above all a lifestyle choice. It is a way of being, a distinctive characteristic that people see as reflecting positively on them …

First, the future generations’ city will have to be safer (35%). people would like the city to be less polluted (24%), with better public transportation (21%) and less stress (20%). The desire for a city with more open spaces comes next.

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