Richard Florida
by Richard Florida
Fri Aug 1st 2008 at 10:13am UTC

Go Canada

Canada just made it easier for college grads to stay in the country, in contrast to more restrictive postures in the US and UK. I’m proud to say the Rotman School had a hand in the move, according to this report in the Financial Times.

At the Rotman school at the University of Toronto, which lobbied heavily for the changes, careers director Jeff Muzzerall says they are “really thrilled. We really believe this will help Canada become more effective.” Mr Muzzerall says one problem facing overseas students has been that they take out loans in Canada in order to study there then have to return home on graduation because they cannot get a job in Canada. The ruling may encourage more overseas students to apply to Canadian business schools.

2 Responses to “Go Canada”

  1. Dave Reid Says:

    Wow where are the American leaders? It’s amazing to me to see the rest of the world begin to realize that educated people, no matter what where they are from, are going to drive the economy. Hopefully the U.S. can right the ship with someone new in the white house next year.

  2. Lynn Stevens Says:

    Like the look of the new site, but I have a request: include post dates on the front page with the snippets.