Robert Wuebker
by Robert Wuebker
Sat Dec 6th 2008 at 10:51pm UTC

Flat World? Hardly

Richard Saul Wurman’s recent offering, 19.20.21, is an interesting step toward a more comprehensive understanding of our future “spiky” world. The site is well worth a visit, and (if you have not read it yet) Richard’s article on the subject (PDF) is also worth reading.

3 Responses to “Flat World? Hardly”

  1. Harold Jarche Says:

    Hey, how about a PDF warning on your links? Nasty for folks on slower connections.

  2. Harold Jarche Says:

    Thanks :-)

  3. Elizabeth M Says:

    The site is pretty fascinating – new information every second. And very interesting to see the changing numbers through the centuries.