Richard Florida
by Richard Florida
Tue Apr 14th 2009 at 12:55pm UTC

Sin Index

Remember the seven deadly sins: lust, gluttony, greed, sloth, wrath, envy, and pride. Geographers at Kansas State University have developed a sin index and have mapped them. They presented their research at the  recent annual conference of American Association of Geographers tailoring their research to the conference host city Las Vegas and state of Nevada (h/t: Karen King). The Las Vegas Sun summarized the study this way.

[T]he Kansas geographers also compared the level of sin in 10 top casino markets, and while the Las Vegas Strip ranked first for greed, it could muster no better than third place for pride, the aggregate of all sins. It was the southern gambling cities — Lula, Miss.; Biloxi, Miss.; and Shreveport, La., that came out on top of the bottom. Why, exactly, remains to be seen. The Kansas geographers started this project, it seems pretty clear, for the erudite amusement; something to stand out at a 6,000-person convention consumed with the world’s heavy questions. But if Tuesday’s convention crowd was evidence, the sin study was interesting to other scholars as well. So Vought and colleagues plan to continue their national study of evil. “It’s too much fun,” Vought said, smiling in a way that suggested, if not pride, then a good deal of pleasure.

2 Responses to “Sin Index”

  1. Michael Wells Says:

    Great map on the Sun site. Under the map click “autoplay” then the far right button for “full screen”.

  2. Swordsman Says:

    This is incredibly funny.