Steven Pedigo
by Steven Pedigo
Tue Jun 23rd 2009 at 6:15pm UTC

Creative Noosa – A Success!

CCG recently finished up a Creative Community Leadership Project in Noosa, Australia. The program was a true success with the original group of catalysts championing several successful initiatives. 

As the program moves forward into the second year, it will operate under a broader umbrella – the Sunshine Coast Regional Alliance. The program’s goal will be to build off of Noosa’s success and extend the Creative Community project to the entire Sunshine Coast.

Read more about the coverage here:

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2 Responses to “Creative Noosa – A Success!”

  1. Ecorative Says:

    I wonder how you can judge success so quickly and by what metrics?

  2. steven Says:

    Noosa’s catalysts did a fantastic job getting four strong initiatives up off of the ground. They key will be keeping the community involved in the process as the engagement moves forward.

    For a detailed look at the successes and the steps forward, check out the final report. Link listed below.