Robert Wuebker
by Robert Wuebker
Sun Sep 13th 2009 at 8:00am UTC

Benchmarking Innovation Competitiveness

Where will the next wave of interesting start-ups come from? For the past four decades, that answer has been a no-brainer. Past performance, however, is no guarantee of future results. Based on the competitiveness of companies playing the technology-driven innovation game, one could imagine an entirely different answer to the “next wave” question over the next half-century.

The Information Technology and Innovation Foundation has released a report benchmarking innovation and competitiveness for 36 counties (pdf). While the focus of the report is EU/U.S. differences, I found two items of particular interest: first, while the United States leads the European Union in innovation-based competitiveness, it ranks sixth overall; and the U.S. ranks last in terms of its preparation to capitalize on the next wave.

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