David Miller
by David Miller
Thu Sep 17th 2009 at 12:38pm UTC

Why Is That Entrepreneur Smiling?

From WSJ writer Sue Shellenbarger’s Work & Family column (sub):

In the broadest, most-comprehensive survey yet of how occupation affects happiness, business owners outrank 10 other occupational groups in overall well-being, based on the landmark survey of 100,826 working adults.

The piece goes on to describe why, even during a stress-filled recession, business owners are generally happier than other working adults.

The findings, psychologists say, reflect the importance of being free to choose the work you do and how you do it, the way you manage your time, and the way you respond to adversity. Regardless of occupational field, the survey suggests that seeking out enjoyable work and finding a way to do it on your own terms, with some control over both the process and the outcome, is likely for most people to fuel satisfaction and contentment.

Does this sound like what you are seeing from entrepreneurs around you?

Check out the press release for more data and information from the Gallup-Healthways Well Being Index.

5 Responses to “Why Is That Entrepreneur Smiling?”

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    [...] at Creative Class, they have a summary of the recent survey from Gallup-Heathways Well-Being Index shows that small [...]

  2. Wendy Waters Says:

    Interesting. I’m wondering whether the timing of the survey — first 8 months of 2009 — had something to do with the results.

    If you’re in a position of strength and control regarding keeping your employment (which business owners would be, as would some high-ranking executives) I would think you’d respond more positively to the survey questions. If you’ve lost your job, been reduced to part time, or (probably worst) fear one of these things, that might take a toll psychologically.

  3. Campus Entrepreneurship Says:

    Wendy, you make a good point. Those in the ‘corporate’ world have been under great stress the last year or so and that likely shows up in the results. thanks,

  4. Mike L. Says:

    Love running my own business, but had to sacrifice regular income, my corporate health plan, and my corporate pension plan.
    The entrepreneurs in the survey were probably successful enough that those downsides did not affect them.

  5. hayden fisher Says:

    I am running several small business across a broad spectrum of fields/industries and enjoy them all. Some are doing better than others but all of them provide a different creative outlet for my mind and passions and an opportunity to learn continually while working with lots of different kinds of people. I wouldn’t trade it for anything.