Richard Florida
by Richard Florida
Mon Sep 21st 2009 at 10:25am UTC

Pump My Ride

The latest in truly alternative transport, this human-powered party machine is a converted cargo bike built by Portland, OR bike-maker Metrofiets for Hopworks Urban Brewing (h/t Joe Cortright). BikePortland provides full technical details.

The bike follows the basic Metrofiets design of a long body, with a cargo carried in the front. The cargo container is a metal keg bucket which holds two full sized kegs and 25 pounds of ice. Beer from the kegs run through a 50 foot cooling coil and then to your glass via two taps (made by Shimano and Chris King) which protrude from a wooden bar inlaid with HUB’s trademark lightning bolt. Tap handles by Shimano and Chris King

A large, square rear rack is designed to fit a stack of pizza boxes. Below the rack is a sound system “pannier” with another lightning bolt inlaid wood panel casing and a speaker. The bike sports HUB’s colors, matte orange and black.

This party is entirely human-powered, with the help of nine gears — any more would allow a rider to go faster than would be entirely wise, explained Ross. Sturdy looking disc brakes and chunky tires with full fenders adorn both wheels.

When fully loaded with pizza, beer, and ice, the bike should just about meet Metrofiets’ 400lb weight limit.

[Photo credit: Elly Blue / BikePortland]

7 Responses to “Pump My Ride”

  1. Michael Wells Says:

    This looks like a college town special. I’ll bet they sell a bunch if they can negotiate state liquor laws.

    Funny that this comes from Portland, which isn’t much of a college scene. I guess it’s because we’re a cycling center.

    I have images of this rig following the Zoobombers down the west hills at midnight or in the middle of the naked bike ride.

  2. Norbert Says:

    Not bad, but how about this one?
    you can rent them in almost every larger german city

  3. Fred Says:

    Ideas like this help explain why so many young people are attracted to Portland – even though there is a shortage of job prospects

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  5. Campus Entrepreneurship Says:

    Check out the website for the company that makes these… pretty high end product that will probably last decades (assuming the owners take care of the bike) for a small business that has cargo to move in dense places. Much cheaper to own and operate than a small delivery car/truck. Good find Richard. Cool business. Oh yeah, the party bike is pretty awesome.

  6. harleydavidsonaccessories Says:

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  7. Shimanoman Says:

    What a cool bike! so many independent thinkers in Portland. Good to see they use shimano components because they last and if you need to replace anything there is not a problem. Only certain areas can use something like this because drivers around her have no respect for people on bikes.