Richard Florida
by Richard Florida
Thu Sep 24th 2009 at 11:00am UTC

What Your Playlist Says About You

What does the music you listen to say about your personality, and what determines the kinds of music we like? Watch this video by path-breaking Cambridge University psychologist Jason Rentfrow and find out.

3 Responses to “What Your Playlist Says About You”

  1. Michael Wells Says:

    Interesting. Here’s a quick look at my iPod. I tend to listen by album or just shuffle, don’t bother with playlists.

    Al Green, Albinoni, Aretha, Argentine Tango, Bach Cello Suites, The Band, Beach Boys, Dylan, Buddy Holly, Buena Vista Social Club, Chet Baker, Edith Piaf, Erroll Garner, Doors, Michael Jackson, Handel, Hank Williams, Julie London, Holly Cole, Dire Straits, Sting, Elvis, Mose Allison, Billie Holiday, Grateful Dead, Scott Hamilton, Talking Heads, Cream, Nat King Cole, Enya. And of course more, about 1000 songs.

    Also some more obscure stuff — Bert Seeger, a Boston Pianist. Lucha Reyes, Peruvian chanteuse; Cesaria Evora, singer from Cabo Verde; 50’s doo-wop; lots of singles from artists I like.

    I’d guess it marks me as middle aged and conservatively adventurous, if there is such a thing? I have an iPod hooked to my car radio and like to just put it on shuffle and see what happens.

  2. Shefaly Says:

    As varied as a person’s life has been, so will his/ her music choices be. I speak several languages, and enjoy multilingual puns and poetry in most of them. I learnt interpretation of Urdu poetry when I was still a child. So I listen to music in several languages and styles. India alone offers over a dozen languages and at least two dominant classical music styles to pick from. Add to it the huge range of percussion and string instruments, and one is spoilt for choice. That is before one has added English pop, Viennese waltz, symphonies and opera to the mix, before German rap and French rock can make their appearance.

    So I guess this makes me a well-rounded person with creativity and great social skills and so on. :-)

  3. Buzzcut Says:

    I’m with Michael. No playlists. Must be a generational thing. I just don’t get them. Maybe I’m just too lazy to make them.

    I’m also not doing the iPod much anymore. I pretty much listen to XM only, mostly the club music stations. It’s music that is new to me, I don’t have much in the way of mp3s in that genre. That’s really the power of satellite radio, listening to stuff that’s new to you. Their “college radio” station is also great for that.