Richard Florida
by Richard Florida
Thu Oct 8th 2009 at 8:00am UTC

Capitalizing on Rural Creativity

David Brock doesn’t pooh-pooh the challenges facing rural communities, but argues that rural places have the real assets which they can harness to successfully navigate and prosper in the Creative Age (h/t David Eaves).

Successful 21st-century economies require creativity. How will rural and remote Canada fare in the creative age? A prominent report portrays rural economic collapse as inevitable. David Brock disagrees, and argues that rural communities are sustainable, not in spite of the creative economy, but because of it. There are rural corridors full of tolerant and talented people, teeming with cultural diversity and innovative minds. Brock proposes viable policy options for rural and remote communities as he explores a leading contender for rural prosperity in the creative age, the Mackenzie Corridor of the Northwest Territories.

Read the full essay here (pdf).

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