Richard Florida
by Richard Florida
Mon Oct 19th 2009 at 4:02pm UTC

What Color is Your Toronto?

Kevin Stolarick and our MPI team map Toronto’s personalities featured in this article from the Toronto Star. The patterns could not be more striking.

Thoughts, anyone?

7 Responses to “What Color is Your Toronto?”

  1. lukev Says:

    I was expecting to see a correlation to incomes, like the crime maps we see so much of. Yet it seems to ignore that patttern.

    I find the neurotic map especially interesting. Maybe this explains why people who live west of Yonge like to say they never venture to far east?

  2. Mike L. Says:

    This certainly challenges my stereotypes. I expected:
    extrovert = agreeable = open to experience
    How wrong I was!

  3. DR Says:

    It’s colour. Thanks.

  4. Toronto’s personality mapped out in colour « Lactose-Free Thoughts Says:

    [...] Toronto’s personality mapped out in colour Check out this map showing personality traits of Torontonians. [...]

  5. RS Says:

    Very interesting map!

    Given the fact that there is not numeric scale, I am wondering how much variation is there from low to high? Is it 1 std dev from mean in either direction, ect?

    Like Mike, I am surprised that extroverted people tend to live in the suburbs but open to experience types live in the downtown. I mean it’s not surprising that the open to experience types live in the urban core but it is surprising that they are not extroverted, given that they are open to experience.

  6. Wendy Says:

    Maybe “open to new experience” people tend to be on the studious, intellectual side? and therefore they are not necessarily extroverts?

    I don’t live in Toronto, so have a limited pool of friends and co-workers to ponder here, but based on my small sample, these colour maps fit.

  7. AJ Says:

    Nice!! When can we expect thins kind of maps for Europe? Can’t wait.