CCE Editor
by CCE Editor
Thu May 20th 2010 at 3:29pm UTC

Megaregions of the Future

The Florida Report is an eight-part video series from The Atlantic featuring Richard Florida.

The fourth installment in The Florida Report is titled “Megaregions of the Future.” Richard describes the shift from suburbs to enormous metropolitan regions.

2 Responses to “Megaregions of the Future”

  1. michael skrtich Says:

    I saw Richard on “The Lang and O’Leary Exchange”. I just finished his book, wow it was fantastic. Nothing beats books about ideas!

  2. Wil Says:

    The the old rust belt cities that you love so much are relics from a different era, and have outlived their usefulness. As a person who has worked in a creative business for thirtyfive years, I know that one of the most important resources for creative people cannot be found in heavily urbanized areas. one of the most important rspources is, for lack of a better word, slack. It is the time, space and opportunity to freewheel and experiment in an inexpensive, and low pressure environment….. Creativity in the early part of the twentieth century fourished in the slack environment of the cheap spaces of city tenements, then later it occured in the cheap spaces, and garages, of coastal surbubia, when hollywood, and silicon valley exploded into economic powerhouses. Now, both coasts are overrun by international yuppie culture, and filled with very expensive housing, and lots of costly distractions. They are not the sort of places for staring up creative enterprises. The frontier for the USA is , ironically, what is now called “flyover country”,with the area between the Mississippi, and the rockies being the epicenter. Yes, in the coming decade it will become obvious that the combination of low housing, and office/studio/factory costs, coupled with the many thousands of small universities scattered throughout this region, and boundless land, will provide exactly the right environment for the country’s most creative people. Americans love the frontier, and wide open spaces, so this will fit perfectly with our psyche. I’ll place my bet on metropolitan regions,and the suburbs, around such places as Milwaukee, Kansas City, St Louis, Madison, Minneapolis, and the smaller towns that house the state colleges. Ceativity is not about getting a job in certain industries, it is about being able to explore your ideas, without needing to pay 100%, plus, of your resources on housing,and supporting your family.