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by CCE Editor
Thu May 27th 2010 at 3:52pm UTC

Will Phoenix Rise from the Flames?

The Florida Report is an eight-part video series from The Atlantic featuring Richard Florida.

The sixth installment in The Florida Report is titled “Will Phoenix Rise from the Flames?” Richard reflects on whether or not the Sunbelt can make a comeback.

3 Responses to “Will Phoenix Rise from the Flames?”

  1. Ian Grhaam Says:

    Phoenix Rising. IMHO you hit the nail on the head when you indicated that rebuilding the sunbelt (or any area in significant reset) is accomplished by leveraging existing assets. The key determinant for future prosperity depends on a regions ability to manage, strengthen and facilitate those key assets which already exist.

    Often there is a tendency for civic leaders to hop on the irrational exuberance band wagon and attach their economic development resources into “creating” shiny new assets or ecosystems. There is a significant difference between facilitating existing assets rather than creating new ones. Facilitation is far more efficient than creation with a much greater probability of success.

  2. Julia SLQ Says:

    The Atlantic website is a real mess. One can only get the current video — trying to link to previous videos is impossible. You cycle back to the current video.

    I’ve written to no avail, but maybe you can get them to fix it. Thanks in advance.

  3. Elizabeth M Says:

    You can view all the previous videos through the links on our site listed below. Thanks!

    Part 1: The Birth of Urban America

    Part 2: Moving to the Suburbs

    Part 3: Why Cities Are Idea Factories

    Part 4: Megaregions of the Future

    Part 5: Beyond Wall Street