Richard Florida
by Richard Florida
Fri May 28th 2010 at 4:35pm UTC

The Indie Craft Movement and The Great Reset

ScoutieGirl discusses how the indie craft movement fits The Great Reset.

To bring the concept into my own experience, the Great Reset is the shift that we are counting on to make the indie craft & design movement work. It’s the shift that provides a hope for creative people to find real value in work that represents their true passion and for others to accept the true value of passionate work…

Florida has a similar thought, ‘the Great Reset is not the result of overarching government policy – it’s the result of the multitude of tiny resets that individuals are making all over the world.

One of these tiny resets happens every time you – or a neighbor – decide to buy handmade instead of from a huge corporation…

The indie craft movement is full of people who have made the jump from work that pays the bills to work that pays the bills and feeds the soul.

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