Richard Florida
by Richard Florida
Mon Oct 11th 2010 at 9:30am UTC

NYC’s Quality of Place Agenda

Check out this video (via Urbanophile)¬†on¬†New York City’s wide-ranging efforts to improve quality of place.¬†It’s¬†shifting from a¬†car city to a “city for people” – expanding¬†bike lanes into a networked¬†cycling infrastructure and upgrading its bus system.¬†The environment benefits, it’s easier to get around, streets are safer, and neighborhoods are quieter -¬†all of which make the city a¬†more desirable place¬†to live, work, and play.

One Response to “NYC’s Quality of Place Agenda”

  1. Michael Wells Says:

    We were in the Big Apple in June and I had been doubtful about the Time’s Square closure, but it seems to work. Pedestrian traffic is much less crowded and faster and the cars seem to be managing alright.

    The High Line where most of the green footage in the video was shot is an elevated park and attraction, rather than a street scene. Fabulous but not affecting traffic, I assume they just wanted a good backdrop.

    I didn’t notice lots of bicycles but we were mostly in tourist mid & lower Manhattan, some of the street scenes looked more like Brooklyn.

    When I lived in NYC I was pretty comfortable with the driving. If you jaywalked in Manhattan you knew the driver was likely a pro (cabbie, chauffeur, delivery driver) and wouldn’t hit you — whereas you’d be crazy to do the same thing in California where every 15 to 90 year old is on the road and speeding.