Richard Florida
by Richard Florida
Mon Nov 22nd 2010 at 3:14pm UTC

Fiat Targets the Creative Class

Fiat is looking to follow Mini’s lead when it comes to customization for consumers. “The personalization is something that customers want.” The design centers inside the dealership will be a lot like the ones you’d find in a new subdivision, with lots of choices. “Those are all of the different 14 interiors, exteriors,” Soave said, “but you can mix and match, and that’s part of the deal.”  … these design centers are not strictly up-sell areas. Depending on the shopper, though, they can be.

The full story is here.

One Response to “Fiat Targets the Creative Class”

  1. Michael Wells Says:

    Cute and a good deal for people who have nothing to haul around. I wonder how it is on the freeway? Might interest my wife when she trades in her sports car. I wonder if they’ve solved the “Fix It Again Tony” reliability reputation?

    I’m suddenly and unexpectedly wide open in car shopping. My last 2 cars have been Subaru wagons and I assumed the next would be another Outback. But I discovered that they’ve ruined the Outback, instead of a nice little wagon it’s now basically another SUV and the Legacy apparently doesn’t come as a wagon any more. I think this is a miscalculation on the lines of making the Thunderbird a 4-seater. It seems every 10th car in downtown Portland is an Outback, I suspect they’ll disappear as they wear out. Even if I were loyal enough to buy a car that big, it wouldn’t fit in the garage of our 1923 house.

    So I’m shopping around, although probably for two years or so in the future. Suddenly Ford and GM seem interesting, and I’ve only owned two American cars in my life (one was a wonderful old 1953 pickup, the other a 1970’s Plymouth van disaster.) But I’m not sure who makes a mid-sized wagon that I can use for just driving myself, hauling guests or grandchildren, a big grocery shopping, ladders and such, or 8 bags of compost & plants from the nursery. I don’t need a pickup, on the occasion when I need one I can borrow from neighbors.