Steven Pedigo
by Steven Pedigo
Thu Jan 20th 2011 at 10:24pm UTC

Lady Gaga’s Monster Influence

We all know Lady Gaga as a singer, dancer and performer.   But in the last two years, she’s climbed from just an entertainer to a monster endorser and creative visionary.

According to CCG’s very own CEO Rana Florida,

She [Lady Gaga] has changed the way endorsement deals work. She’s putting more of her influence, thought and creative energy into a line rather than just endorsing them. She has been able to successfully marry music, fashion and culture, making her a truly visual maven. She is her own movement.

Read more about Lady Gaga’s influence  at CNN International.

Is Lady Gaga the first artist to truly exemplify the qualities of the creative class?  How has she leveraged the 3-T’s: technology, talent and tolerance to build her brand  and influence?

2 Responses to “Lady Gaga’s Monster Influence”

  1. Epiphanie Bloom Says:

    That was a good article, though I must say I have recently stopped seeking out CNN due to their worrying coverage of WIkiLeaks, and have found that the Guardian online has much, much better quality news. And if you look at the comments, you’ll note a big jump in IQ points – while every article on CNN ends up in a flame war, most discussion on the Guardian is actually civilised and palatable.

  2. Hollywood Florida Says:

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