Richard Florida
by Richard Florida
Mon Feb 28th 2011 at 5:54pm UTC

Chart of the Day: The Geography of Successful Start Companies

The chart, from the blog Empirical Reality, shows SP Tech 1500 companies by location & founding date  (via vwadhwa, @ngoggans).  We’ve all known the Silicon Valley is important, but its dominance over time is striking.

2 Responses to “Chart of the Day: The Geography of Successful Start Companies”

  1. Wil Says:

    I just want to point out that Silicon Valley is in suburbia, not some big, dense, city.

  2. Michael Wells Says:

    Silicon Valley’s other dominance is in the size & importance of its major player companies and in having both software & hardware: Intel, Google, Apple, eBay, PayPal, HP, Advanced Micro Divises, LSI, etc.

    Seattle by comparison only has Microsoft & Amazon (which is more marketing genius than technology).

    Boston hasn’t housed any really big players since Digital Equipment Corp was dissected.

    New York has PayChex.

    It would be fascinating to figure out the family trees. What grew out of Intel, etc.?

    Wil, you’re right if you want to divide suburbs from central cities. And Microsoft is in Redmond, DEC was in Maynard, etc. If you accept Richard’s definitions of city regions (and I do) then Silicon Valley is San Francisco, Redmond is Seattle, etc. But you could make a case for creativity in the burbs.