Richard Florida
by Richard Florida
Wed Apr 27th 2011 at 10:00am UTC

America’s Best Cities for Plug-in Cars

The map above, from Ford via, shows the 25 American cities that are the most ready for electric vehicles (EVs).

Cities were evaluated across the following criteria:

  • Utility rates that encourage “off-peak” charging;
  • Streamlined permitting and inspection processes, to speed up the development of necessary infrastructure;
  • Advisory committees that help communities deal with electric vehicle issues;
  • Urban planning to optimize locations for chargers;
  • Incentives to offset customers’ costs for installing required hardware;
  • Other city- or region wide programs that encourage EV use.

As gas prices continue to spike, car manufacturers are finally offering alternatives. The Chevy Volt and the Nissan Leaf have been winning Car of the Year awards at all of the major auto shows this year, and more electric cars are coming, like the more moderately priced S Sedan from Tesla. It will be interesting to see how many car buyers—and in what cities—choose to drive them.

3 Responses to “America’s Best Cities for Plug-in Cars”

  1. Michael Wells Says:

    The best electric cars will go about 100 miles between charging. The West & East coast cities shown are dense enough that many people could drive a car for a couple of days ion a charge. The more sprawling ones, like Dallas, might need charged daily. The big holes in the map, like between Portland and Chicago, have lots of places where people drive 10 miles to the store and towns are far apart.

    If & when electric cars become viable, it will be in and around cities. The problem is getting enough clean generating power to provide electricity.

  2. Troy Camplin Says:

    Someone has a funny notion of where Atlanta, GA is located.

  3. Troy Camplin Says:

    And NYC