Reham Alexander
by Reham Alexander
Thu Jun 23rd 2011 at 11:05am UTC

A New Perspective on Creativity

Le Méridien is proud to announce Richard and Rana Florida as its newest members to its creative community. This year, Le Méridien continues its creative journey in providing its guests with new cultural experiences by introducing the cultural ‘hub’;  the hotels innovative lobby concept, as well as expanding upon its global creative community of LM100 members. This group of innovators will work to transform Le Méridien hotels into creative hubs that will deliver new perspectives to the creative guest.

The Creative Class Group will embark on a variety of initiatives influenced by the creative group they have identified. They will perform research to help Le Méridien identify new development opportunities by applying their exclusive ‘creativity index’, using the Creative Class Group’s one-of-a-kind framework; technology + talent + tolerance and territorial assets. CCG will help to connect Le Méridien hotels to key contacts in each city from the fields of tourism, culture, art, design and cuisine. They will work to acquire influential speakers to participate in “New Perspective Events” at Le Méridien hotels across the globe. CCG  will also curate content for the ‘Hub’ libraries selected based on their research on the core attributes, values and preferences of the Creative Class. The books selected will comprise of a mix of contemporary and foundational books about creative culture in the arts, design, economy and society, as well as localized books reflecting each cities history and characteristics.

Read the full release here.

Photo © Ralph Gibson

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