Richard Florida
by Richard Florida
Wed Jun 29th 2011 at 10:02am UTC

Top Metros for Same-Sex Couples with Children

With the passage of the New York Marriage Equality Act, the number of gay couples in the US who are eligible to marry has now doubled, as my post yesterday noted.  Approximately 9 million Americans are lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender (LGBT) – slightly less than four percent of the population, according a recent study by Gary Gates of UCLA’s Williams Institute.  Approximately half of lesbians and gay men are members of same-sex couples including an estimated 160,000 who are married, according to Gates’ research. Nearly one in five same-sex couple households are raising children, compared to about 45 percent of heterosexual couples, according to figures from the American Community Survey (ACS).

The list below, drawn from Gates’ analysis of data from the ACS, show the 15 metros that have the largest percentage of same-sex couples raising children under eighteen years of age. The densest concentrations of such families are not necessarily in the places where you’d expect to find them. Especially surprising are the metros that don’t make the cut – like San Francisco and New York.

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