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Kwende Kefentse
by Kwende Kefentse
Fri Mar 27th 2009 at 9:00am UTC

Toronto’s Graffiti History

Friday, March 27th, 2009

My computer died earlier last week so I’ve been in serious catch up mode over the past couple of days! While catching up on my blog reading, I came across a cool little documentary featuring some of Toronto’s more enduring street artists talking about the scene in the city (thanks to Mary Fogarty over at Organic Mechanic):

Writing Toronto’s (Hi)Story from Well and Good on Vimeo

I thought that it was interesting how much of the Toronto scene seemed to be defined by New York – either a reaction away from or toward it, with the exception of the photographer who picked up things by experiencing the diversity of the London (UK) scene. That geography is interesting – I’ve been putting together a bit of data here and there, and it seems like that triangle between Toronto, New York, and London has been one of the most interesting and vibrant geographical relationships of the last century. The push and pull of these cultural poles created a strong artistic dynamism in Toronto and a great visual legacy for young artists to interact with and be inspired by. It seems to be predicated by the Caribbean diaspora of people in the post-war era, under girding the movement of people and ideas as families visited each other, exchanging love, culture, media products like photographs and cassettes. Add a bit of emergence to the mix and voila.

Also interesting is that the doc is tied to Toronto’s 175th anniversary healthy city initiative. It’s nice to see a city acknowledging the things on the ground that make it great.

And now to continue catching up. But not before some music.