Who's Your City?, by Richard Florida
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Finding a home

Except for money, there are very few reasons why I can understand a Canadian moving to the U.S.

I was brought to Chicago from Toronto by my “American” husband. After many years I got so sickened by the racial friction in Chicago that I picked up and moved across the continent. I didn’t return to Canada because I did not believe I could afford to live in Ontario again, but I am more and more sickened by the “Americans” in general and willing to economise to improve the quality of my life.

“Ameroicans” are so convinced of their superiority in every way while being quite ignorant of what is being accomplished in the rest of the world. I am frequently made proud of what Canada and Canadians have accomplished.

I came to the Northwest to what I thought was a beautiful land, but the rule seems to be “if it moves – shoot it, if it is growing, cut it down”. The U.S. is a violent country. Canada is not. The cowboy mentality, the imperialist government have worn me down. I think I will take this old body back to the land of my birth where the quality of life is something you cannot buy with a gun.

Sent by Marilyn from Vancouver, WA

8 Responses to “Finding a home”

  1. "Superior American" Says:

    You call Americans ignorant, but your characterizing all Americans as gun-toting cowboys is ignorant.

  2. Jose Cartagena Says:

    I’ve never owned a gun in my life, never shot at anything that moves except with a camera,and call home a city that is less than perfect(San Bernardino, CA). Funny, I have never got into any kind of a fight there or any place for that matter-and I’ve traveled a good part of the world.

    No one denies the existence of racial friction. Being white on the outside and brown on the inside (German mother, Puerto Rican father), I have gottem a pretty uncensored picture of it in real time from both angles.

    We are a big country with many voices. Assimilated Canadian ones too; even if it is just for the money. I have to say that the term “Ameriocans” sounds as deragorty as any racist comment I’ve come to hear over my years. Narrow is the focus on this one.

  3. Chelsea Says:

    I would think that a lot of the West and South of the US is like that, but maybe the Northeast isn’t as much? It’s a big country. You just gotta get away from all the rednecks.

    Don’t hate on America, though. The gun-toting cowboys might get angry.

  4. Michael Says:

    Don’t let the door hit you in the ass!

  5. Marilyn Says:

    So glad that you are proud of what Canadians have accomplished. That is a good thing. So please tell me, what have they accomplished? Aside from displaying a gross inferiority complex next to Americans.

    My experience is the opposite of yours’. I moved from NYC to Toronto to be near my sister and her children. Everyone I met thought I was nuts because every single Canadian wants to be able to live in the US.

    I lived and worked in NYC without any mishap. I move to Toronto and my car gets broken into. Last week, a friend of a friend was murdered in a Toronto area park while walking her dog. I do not know anyone in the US who has been a victim of a violent crime or is close to someone who was.

    When I first moved to Toronto and told some people I was visiting in Maine, they told me it was not possible, that I could not have done that — because they had never heard of it. So I don’t think that the geographical knowledge of Canadians is so very superior.

    I am concerned about possible legislation being passed in the health area. I asked people how a bill becomes law. 5 our of 6 Canadians are ignorant about this.

    If all the products that originate from the US were taken off store shelves in Canada, the shelves would be bare and you would have nothing to buy.

    One of the reasons that Canadian provincial governments can afford socialized health care is that the US bears the financial burden to protect both the US — as well as Canada. If Canada had to fund a military — all by its little lonesome — to protect itself, Canadians could not be as complacent as they are and affort all the social services people still do enjoy.

    Canada is a wonderful country. The people in Canada are wonderful just as they are in the US. And you will find ignorant people in both countries. You will find good people, bad people, smart people ignorant people, kind ones, mean ones, etc. in every single country. It is not accurate to generalize this way.

    I am an American, living in Canada and proud of it. I hope you, too are proud of being Canadian. Everyone should be proud of their homeland. I do not have a cowboy or cowgirl mentality — besides, what is wrong with that? Cowboys worked hard to provide people with food! And I probably know more about what is going on in the world than you do.
    My point really is — its not right to generalize like that. You have just insulted every American. Is that what you wanted? As Richard Florida shows us, each city has its own personality. Maybe you have not yet found a city personality that is compatible with you.

    Hope you find what you are looking for.

    Marilyn in Toronto

  6. Wendi in Cambridge Says:

    Hey Marilyn In Toronto

    This critique that you posted is a little rough to say the least! Firstly, we DO have a very well-know world-wide military who have been called upon many times to help keep the peace in countries struggling to build democracies and a better way of life for their people. Not to be too harsh, but this war that your current president has gotten you into is an example of the problem with US foreign policy. It seems to me that after 9/11 the force of the US military was supposed to be focused on searching out and bringing to justice the terrorists responsible for this horrible crime. Remember Marilyn, what country stepped up to the plate for its neighbour at that time. Across this wonderful country, Canadians embraced Americans who found themselves stranded when planes were unexpectedly grounded. And remember that it is the Canadian military who has been doing more than it’s fair share in Afganistan – currently home to that criminal Osama Bin Laden. I also seem to remember that is was our Canadian embassy in Iran who came to the aid of Americans caught in that awful situation a few years ago.

    You are very right about not generalizing, good and bad people reside within every countries boundaries. I have visited various parts of the United States and have for the most part, treated very well although I have experienced the ignorance about life outside the boundries of the US that Americans are so well known for.

    I would just like to mention that many things that Americans feel are as “American as apple pie” in fact started right here in Canada – shall we mention basketball? the Blackberry?

    Thank goodness that our financial system prevented the crisis that is occuring in the US at this time. I still do not understand how well-educated bankers and financial wiz’s could have allowed this situation to occur and I would hope that the American public would demand answers from these people. They have put your country and it’s people in a financial nightmare which will take generations to repair. And it’s a travesty that either of the political parties are talking tax reductions – even a simpleton can figure out that this is that American apple pie in the sky!

    I was not born in Canada and am eternally grateful to my parents for choosing to come here. Despite many disadvantages, for example the weather which can be very challenging in January through to April, it is the most wonderful country in the world with all the ingredients needed for a great lifestyle. Yes, Canada, I stand on guard for thee!!

  7. Quinn Says:

    Hey Marilyn, don’t let the door hit ya….

  8. Joe Says:

    I got jumped and robbed in Toronto, so, according to your logic, all “Canadians” are violent criminals. That being said, we cant wait for you to be gone! Best of luck……

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