Who's Your City?, by Richard Florida
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Seeking Expat Input

Hi there, I thought it was coincidental that I heard a review of this book on NPR just hours before I interviewed for a position in Auckland. Louisville, KY is my hometown, but I’ve lived in Nantucket, Taos, and Hawaii. I’m considering a move to New Zealand and would love to hear about the experiences of other Americans or Canadians that have relocated there.

Sent by Ginny from Louisville, KY

3 Responses to “Seeking Expat Input”

  1. Antonio Says:

    Hi there, I live in Louisville, and I just today thought about moving to New Zealand…Would love to learn more about how you found opportunities in Auckland and your thoughts and feelings about both places….

  2. Sandra Kay Says:

    Native California. We started our search for a home in New Zealand. Spent almost a year in New Zealand Auckland 2006. We did not drive but got around on public transportation. The New Zealanders are very open to Yanks. It is the immigrants who give you a bad time. New Zealand only wants youth with money or can-do spirit youth. We are over 50, not welcome.New Zealand will have the problem with ENGLISH as the language of the country.
    We have searched for another place to live in southern hemisphere.

  3. Nadine Blanc Says:

    I currently live in New Zealand and was born and raised here.
    New Zealand is a beautiful GREEN country and the people are accepting of all.
    I currently live in Hamilton which is about an hour out of Auckland, 30minutes away from the beach.
    I went to university in Auckland but found that that city life there was too cluttered for my lifestyle.
    Hamilton is much more laid back then the other cities but can be considered as a ‘hole.’
    There are so many opportunities all over New Zealand for people of all nationalities.
    Overall, New Zealand is gold and is a place that anyone and everyone would be grateful to be able to call home.

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