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Where to go? Colorado?

My wife met in Cincinnati, OH and have lived here for too long. We have some family here and a lot of friends but we are still very unhappy in this city. The climate is bad and I have horrible allergies to almost every tree in the Mid-West.

I am a social worker and my wife is finishing up graduate school soon. We are hoping to move somewhere in Colorado in the next year or two, but we are not quite sure where. We have been there three times and enjoy the open space, green technology, historic downtowns, and clean/dry air.

My wife will soon have her Master’s degree in Occupational Therapy and I would like to open my own vintage shop at some point. Are there any suggestions (especially from those of you in Colorado) where we should look further into? Even if it is not Colorado, we just need some advice… and we NEED to leave the Mid-West!

Sent by Jim from Cincinnati

3 Responses to “Where to go? Colorado?”

  1. J. Miles Says:

    I live in Grand County, Colorado, and can recommend the lifestyle up here. Assuming you are not looking for a larger urban area like Denver, and based on your chosen professions, I would recommend looking at any of the “second home” communities. The Vail and Aspen areas are pretty pricey in terms of cost of living, but some of the second-tier areas like Winter Park and Crested Butte might be of interest.

    I’m not sure what you mean by “vintage shop” but assuming you mean wines, you might also look at the Grand Junction area. It’s a larger metropolitan area, but it’s Colorado’s winery capital so you can expect a good wine-based culture. Other high-end tourist areas would be a good choice.

    In any case, be prepared for high housing costs. The “second-home” syndrome has affected affordability for the year-round residents in many of these areas. (Ask me, I know!) There are also lots of other, less expensive areas in Colorado, but be prepared for a lack of the cultural/economic opportunities of the more popular areas.

  2. Tracy Says:

    I suggest Ft. Collins or Boulder

  3. Beth Says:

    One of the best towns I ever lived in was Manitou Springs, CO at the base of Pikes Peak near Colorado Springs. I would consider it; it’s close to a major airport and you can even commute to Denver which is only an hour to an hour and a half away. It’s not as affordable as it used to be but it’s still cheaper than Boulder and, I think, a spiritual place to be. It is just beautiful year round; in winter it looks like a postcard; it’s so breathtaking when it snows. The people are creative, pleasant and intriguing. Lots of artists live in the area. Also, it’s steeped in Native American history. I absolutely loved it. However, what they say about Colorado is true; they expect you to eat the scenery. It’s not the easiest place to find a decent job.

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