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Cities similar to Austin,TX

My wife and I are an interracial couple with two young children. We are also teachers. We love Austin because of its coolness, tolerance, and lack of chain stores. However, it has gotten too expensive to live downtown and we hear teaching jobs are hard to come by.

I have heard that Louisville is an up and coming Austin. Is this true? or would anyone know another up and coming city that has similar qualities as Austin?

Sent by Fred from Las Vegas

11 Responses to “Cities similar to Austin,TX”

  1. Anna Says:

    I went to college in Minneapolis and from what I’ve heard about Austin from friends who go to school there, they are very similar cities. Minneapolis is very tolerant and diverse despite being in the middle of Minnesota! Politics are very progressive and there is a strong community supporting local business. Biking is very popular even in the winter. Public transportation is fantastic. Great art and music scene, too!

    I’ve heard that Portland, Oregon is the Minneapolis-of-the-West/New-Austin
    and that is a place I want to move because of many of the reasons i’ve listed above.

  2. Jim Says:

    I don’t know about Louisville being an up and coming anything. It is very elitest and full of old money. The Bardstown Road area is a safehaven for other types, but it can get a little extreme. I have family there and every time we visit I am disgusted by the amount of wealth around the city. If you are into that type of thing go for it. I know they pay teachers well, but it might not be what you are looking for. Of all places, I heard Tulsa, OK was an up and coming city…

  3. Mike Hooper Says:

    I don’t know where you got your info but Austin has a lot of chain stores. As a matter of fact our neighborhood lost out to a super WalMart mainly due to the city’s backing of the chain store.

    Also, every year the Austin public schools have a hundred or more openings every year.

    You are correct it is getting very expensive to live downtown. But then, it is getting very expensive to live anywhere with in 25 miles of downtown Austin.

    I wish you luck in finding the Austin I found 35 years ago.

  4. jenn j Says:

    On the contrary to Jim, I happen to LOVE Louisville. I go to school in another great litle town full of sophistication and character, Bloomington, Indiana – but I travel down to Louisville (2 hr drive) whenever I can. Its a really fascinating place with a mixture of midwestern and southern cutlture. Very affordable, and a very creative city.

  5. wade b Says:

    Austin is similar to Boulder, CO (near where I now live) and other cities such as Santa Fe, Flagstaff, AZ and Burlington, VT. Unfortunately, they are very expensive now and elitist in many ways.

    My wife and I are from Louisville, KY. We visit regularly. It has an old Southern charm and is very cheap compared to the cities listed above; however, it is no Austin. In fact there is extreme sprawl and minimal progressive movement in Louisville.

    Most cities like Austin, Boulder, etc. started out as rough little holes in the wall. I believe that saltier cities with progressive potential in the coming decades would be Lawrence, KS, Laramie, WY and Missoula, MT. They are small and edgier in many ways, but well worth the look.

  6. Donna Says:

    I’ve lived in Austin and traveled to Austin. I now live in Denton, Texas. In fact, I was born in Denton. I’ve heard a countless number of people say that Denton reminds them of Austin when Austin was smaller.
    I love it here; it’s cool and tolerant.

  7. DeLani Says:

    My hometown, Fayetteville, AR, has been called “Austin’s younger sister.” Several Austinites (is that right?) have moved here, all because “Fayetteville is what Austin was 10 years ago.” Plus we have the Ozark hills, forests, and rivers.
    Come on up and give us a visit and see for yourself!

  8. moving to Fayetteville Says:

    considering a move to join Corporate Wal-Mart on the creative marketing side. Looking at Bentonville, Fayetteville & Eureka Springs. Anyone know anything about creative business types (internet, entrepreneur, consultants) in any of those 3 cities?

  9. Amy Says:

    Hi! I’m from KY and went to school in Lexington. I’ve also visited Austin , Boulder, Louisville and a few others mentioned above. Lexington is sooo great-it’s Austin on a much smaller scale but living down town is affordable and I’m sorry I can’t comment on the education system other than UK but it seems that there were plenty of schools for a small town so can’t imagine you would have a hard time finding work.

  10. Lisa Says:

    I don’t know about Louisville but Houston is growing and while it’s no Austin, it does have it’s own cultural attractions. Besides people actually consider Houston to be the most liberal city in the state, next to Austin. And my neighbors down the street are interracial and no one things a thing about it. They’re just our neighbors.

  11. ed pacheco Says:

    I don’t understand how a city like Boulder claims to be liberal but you don’t see very many minorities, and if you do they are athletes. I am not sure about Austin, but I am guessing since Austin is closer to Mexico . Personally I think that the women from Texas are prettier . Besides Austin probably has a better music scene. At least I hope so.

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