Who's Your City?, by Richard Florida
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Chicago is a FANTASTIC place to live, been here all my life. The Lake Michigan, shopping, museums, bike paths, lush green forests, good transportation options, restaurants and bars! The suburbs are fantastic in their own rights, always something to do. The weather is hot, humid, sticky in the summer usually late June – early Sept. Fall is comfortable with a crisp wind. Winters are mild from Nov-Dec with little/ no snow fall. Extremley cold from Jan-March. The weather is always unpredictable.

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  1. A. Says:

    Chicago is a great place to live, but being a 12 year resident myself, I have to say the hype about all the “museums, bike paths, lush green forests, good transportation options, restaurants and bars” comes with unspoken downfalls. Chicago’s lake front bike path is incredible, but also very hazardous. Think of the city’s population and unpredictable weather. Now, imagine a beautiful day or weekend and you end up having so much congestion on that bike path that it’s dangerous. People are hit by cars and each other all the time, to the point long time residents often say they won’t ride the path, or only do so during certain times.

    Follow any local news or blogs and you’ll get a more realistic picture of Chicago’s great transportation options. We do have a wonderfully extensive public transportation system, but as a daily rider of the CTA, I couldn’t tell you how many times my bus or train breaks down. Or how many broken buses I see. Or how many times a bus pulls up to my stop and it’s so full that people are literally smashed against the windshield like bugs caught on the inside.

    Don’t get me wrong, Chicago has lots to offer, but I’ve grown tired of all the publicity promoting the things which people who live here can tell you are not as good as they seem.

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