Who's Your City?, by Richard Florida
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Duluth, MN – As Many Musicians per capita as Austin?

Duluth, MN is a relatively unknown gem of a small city located in Northern, MN. Though having a population less than 100,000 resisdents, Duluth is the largest city on the largest freshwater lake in the world.Duluth is a popular place to attend college as there are more schools here than most cities of its size. Many older peole chooose to retire in Duluth since there are many hospitals and care giving facilities.Duluth is te eming with hipsters and intellectuals of all types. The Duluth Homegrown festival happens each spring where over 150 local bands play original music. Oddly, almost all of the most active promoters and well known musical acts came from another region or state and became successful in Duluth. The uploaded picture included here is a ‘zine published by local record collectors showcasing the lesser known, but regionally popular acts from the 1950’s and 1960’s. Along with Bob Dylan, the region has been and is still home to many talented acts that have become known around the world through sales of private pressing LPs and CDs and/or major label releases.Only a couple hours North of the Twin Cities, Dulth is often blessed with a visit from bands such as The Hold Steady or Jonathan Richman of The Modern Lovers only to name a couple. The DECC accomodates more major acts like Aerosmith. The small clubs, bars and coffee shops feature live music throughout the entire week. Duluth has be c ome a great place for expressive people and thinkers. The tough job market is saturated with students lined up just to be lucky enough to find a job at a gas station. Duluth is economically challenging and many creative people have been forced to make their own place in the market by going into business Low wages are balanced out by low cost of living. The region is full of politically active people from all over the spectrum, many who are members of the local CSA (Community Supported Agriculture). Abundant with cooperatives, one being a worker-owned/worker-run bakery, Duluth is a haven for hipsters of the social and political orientation.

Sent by Patrick from Duluth, MN

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