Who's Your City?, by Richard Florida
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Where’s the best place to be a temp?

I have some college available, but no degree. i can’t seem to find a good job here in San Antonio concerning labor. So If I do leave San Antonio, Well I’m out on the streets. I have no money and I need a job. So where the best place to be homeless? I would like to know so I can start out. I have a unique personality and love to ride bicycles, art, and anime.
I currently live in San Antonio and ever since I left CArdell Cabinets, well, I couldn’t get a job at all. I have had some temp jobs, but nothing perminent.
I am considering the military, but I want to hav a back up plan.

Please help.

Sent by Daniel from San Antonio, TX

4 Responses to “Where’s the best place to be a temp?”

  1. Gen X Girl Says:

    Hi. I know the best place not to work, if you are 18-35 and that’s somewhere in the Southwest corner of PA. It’s a city once known for smoke. I’ve been working in just about every industry from the restaurant biz, to social work. You cannot work in Pittsburgh because of uneducated Baby Boomers. They hate young people. Look at how they treated Gen X. Latch key kids, Mom and Dad are at their respective happy hours cheating on each other, me, me, me! And they don’t want you to have a job because you know how to work a computer better than they ever will. Except Dr. Florida, of course. THey hate you if you are pretty, young, don’t have kids, aren’t married, if you crank 10xs the work they take 6 months to do. They hate that you type fast, yet, when they retire, who inthe hell is going to be there? And be nice to them. I can’t wait to do the jobs of 5 of their coworkers and laugh as they fight over gas at the pump. Rock on Gen X. And that my friends, is who IS NOT in my city. Why would we be?

  2. clarita Says:

    One thing I can tell you is that it will be twice as hard to get a job WITHOUT an address and verification of the address.
    IF it’s possible,don’t be another urban gypsy–
    Can’t you simply take some kind of service job in san antonio ? hotels,restaurants,starbuk$,etc are always looking for help.. and save up a bit and then move on ?

  3. bobby Says:

    The city govt in San francisco used to give homeless a few hundred a wk spending cash. this was about 6-8 yrs ago that i read this. SF is very nice. Also Miami Beach is a great place to sleep outdoors year round.

  4. Kelsey Says:

    Dude, come to Austin. It’s like an hour and a half away and it’s one of the friendliest cities you can imagine. There’s a whole underground culture of “urban gypsies” and you can easily use your creative talents to start your own deal. Go for it!

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