Who's Your City?, by Richard Florida
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San Francisco- My kind of town

San Francisco- My kind of townI was born in Columbus, OH and lived in a total of 5 States (WA, OH, NY, AZ & CA). I knew as a little kid that Columbus was NOT the place for me personally. It is a nice place to be from and it is a very nice, clean town. It just didn’t have the energy and diversity that I personally needed. It also lacked that real urban feel that I was looking for. In retrospect it is funny that I knew that even when I was young. Anyway, we mov ed to New York and I hit paydirt. I loved everything about the city except the dirtiness (in the late 70’s) but I was willing to deal with that. It had an energy that made me feel alive. I was young and ate the city up. I moved away to the Phoenix area in my mid-twenties (escapism years) and stayed there for 11 years. It was a change from NY. It was new clean, bright and shiny but over time I realized that at my core I was empty. I had good friends but I really missed the energy and culture of an urban city. I left and moved to Southern California. I lived in the LA area and for the most part got the energy, good weather and beautiful geography but it was not NY. I really got tired of the traffic and having to drive great distances to do anything. I sold my possessions and took a job in Seattle. Seattle is probably one of the most esthetically beautiful cities in the U.S, HOWEVER…well let’s just say that this article http://seattletimes.nwsource.com/pacificnw/2005/0213/cover.html can sum up better than I can what I think of Seattle. While I was there I did a lot of soul searching and realized that deep down San Francisco had EVERYTHING that I wanted in a city. I had visited there a few times before and loved the city but I always let family and friends talk me out of moving there because of THEIR fears of the city. I decided I was going to move and did. The only thing I will say is ” I am home and I have exhaled”!

Sent by Cristobal from San Francisco

6 Responses to “San Francisco- My kind of town”

  1. Aralar Says:

    San Francisco ROCKS. I totally agree!

  2. Tiffany Says:

    You are fortunate. I am still in search of a city to call my own. I lived in the Bay Area for a year and miss it like mad. But the truth is I haven’t the financial resources to afford life in the beautiful Bay. I keep hoping for an opportunity to one day to return. In the mean time, I find myself in Austin, Texas again ( am so over Austin as I have been here far too long, and find that it is NOT deserving of its supposed cosmopolitan label). I am longing for a chance to get out.

    San Francisco . . . truly The City. Congratulations to you!

  3. Ralf Angermann Says:

    Hi Christobal,

    thank you for posting that URL from the article about Seattle. You are so right, it describes precisely how I felt when I lived there a couple of years ago. Even though I found the article to be a little exaggerated.

  4. anne Says:

    i currently live in portland and thought this article summed up perfectly the social culture of the pacific nw.i’m in motion of either moving back to chicago or onward to oakland.i need to be part of and interact with my culture wherever it may be? loved the nature and ease here. met some truly amazing people. it’s time to go. thanks for posting.

  5. lrm Says:

    Yes, SFO is the best!!! Lived there 2 fantastic years…and it helped that we had the means to enjoy it at the time.
    Marin, Sonoma, SFO-I’d live in any of the 3….Such a beautiful place in so many ways!

    I always used to say that I really did leave my heart in sfo….i guess that song is a cliche for a reason…(:

  6. Anthony Rodrigues Says:

    I have visited SF about 3 times and I have gotten to see many beautiful things there. Two things I would not like about SF would be the fact that owning a car in the city is not logical because of the parking issue and the earthquakes. I was in the one in 1997 and it was not fun. I am from SoCal and love San Diego very much… But I can truely see why people are so passionate about SF. It is a true to life city with vibrant people, cultures and atmosphere.

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