Who's Your City?, by Richard Florida
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Where to go?

I grew up in southern Ohio, moved to Minneapolis/St.Paul for college and stayed for 15 years. My chronic health issues worsened while living so far north. I didn’t mind the cold, but the short days really began to wear me down over the years. I loved the progressive nature of the city, politics, community, etc. It was so easy to meet people there. I am also openly gay and I work in non-profit administration. So I need a city where there is a reasonable amount of sunshine, lower cost of living, and somewhat progressive. 8 years ago I moved to Tucson, just to get my health back, While I love the slower pace, it is very difficult to meet people here. The city is more liberal than Phoenix but still somewhat isolating. I am considering, Tampa, Ft.Lauderdale (much higher cost of living),and Miami. Houston and Atlanta have similiar cost of living stats but I am soo confused as to what my next move should be. Any suggestions? (nothing north of St. Louis please) You can email me at Toddtucson@msn.com

Sent by Geoffery from Tucson AZ

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  1. Elizabeth M Says:

    This is a post from Richard’s Creative Class Exchange that will at least give you some pointers about where you may NOT want to live: http://www.creativeclass.com/_v3/creative_class/2008/08/06/a-dying-breed/

    This post talks about the “dreamtown” cities (though I’m afraid they’re all in the northern part of the country): http://www.creativeclass.com/_v3/creative_class/2008/08/01/dreamtown-usa/

    At any rate, some food for thought.

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