Who's Your City?, by Richard Florida
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Wanna Move

I hate the lifestyle Vegas has to offer or maybe it is the climate I despise. I was born here and due to circumstances I have remained here but yearn to get out.

Sent by Aralee from Las Vegas

7 Responses to “Wanna Move”

  1. Libby Says:

    Where would be your dream places to live? Make a list and then determine what needs to be fulfilled so that you can make your dream a reality. I know it’s easier said than done, but people can move, sometimes jobs can as well. You definitely have options – but so many of us say “I wish” instead of taking action.

  2. Prodigal-Son Says:

    I escaped Vegas 2 years ago. People think you are living in paradise but those stuck there know differently. I did exactly what Libby said – made a list of priorities and moved to Buffalo NY. Its the exact opposite of Vegas – trees and grass, water, friendly people, arts and culture, genuine history and authenticity. My kids are in good schools (finally) and our cost of living was cut in half. I have a great job and a house that cost half as much that is twice as big. Make your list and go.

  3. Amy Says:

    Great advice!! I live in Vegas now- I’m a transplant from KY originally and thought the grass might be a little greener here..but it’s not and I don’t like it either. I think it’s the fact that everything is really sprawled out/provides no real sense of community. Aside from that there’s not a local music scene and no sense of locality. The farmers markets feel like swap meets! SO with all those negative aspects I don’t think I’ll be moving any time soon due to the housing situation we are in, can any one offer a comment of how to make it better for the time being?

  4. Kim Says:

    Las Vegas is near the Grand Canyon, Lake Mead, and take I-15 North into Utah, you find quite a few National Parks. I wouldn’t mind living in the West again. I lived in Logan, UT, while attending Utah State, and was rarely sick. I live in Northern Kentucky, across from Cincinnati and I have been sick every winter. The skiing is not as good in the east, like west of the Rockies. Enjoy the natural wonders while you are stuck there. I would love to go out west to live again. I never been to Las Vegas, but would love to visit the casinos as well as the Grand Canyon, Lake Mead, Hoover Dam, Lake Powell etc. You can also vist Southern California by car instead of just flying there. If you love the Pacific Ocean. Another place I would love to visit.

    I would rather have dry heat then humid heat, like we can get in the Cincinnati area. Also, I hear Nevada does not have an Income Tax.

    Good luck in the meantime.


  5. Alan Says:

    I understand the people may not like Las Vegas…..Quit sharing your negative stories and just move away. I have met many nice people who enjoy life and all that Vegas has to offer. It is not just casinos, for those narrow minded!

    Best of luck in finding happiness!


  6. jay douglas Says:

    I lived in Vegas for 13 years-left in mid 2008.I don’t miss it at all except maybe for the restaurants.
    But I hated the dryness,the summer heat,wind,dust and the ugly scenery.Even the mountains aren’t pretty.The city had a chance to develop a community away from the casino environment but missed the boat when greed got in the way.Casinos are ubiquitous-they’re everywhere. The dirty little secret is alot of locals are addicted to gambling because of it. As a result there is no live music scene,virtually no arts or culture.There’s a 7-11 or Check Cashing place on every corner.

  7. travis Says:

    Here’s Vegas through my eyes.

    I’m Travis, 23 year old college student at CSN. I live in Vegas now, but I’m trying to get out. I was born and raised here. If you’re under 21 Vegas is horrible, there’s bowling, shopping, theaters, and parties, and that’s about it for things you can do whenever. When I was younger there was a lot more to do as a kid, but the greedy casinos took it all away, like Wet’N'Wild (the water park) and Scandia (the amusement park). The casinos run basically everything, and they’ll shut down anything fun to do that might pinch there profits. It’s not a family oriented town at all anymore. There isn’t really a good neighborhood feel here anymore either, and most people don’t know who lives next door. Traffic here sucks. Since it’s a real 24-hour town, there’s about 3 rush hours, the morning and evening ones are horrible, but the night one isn’t so bad. Drivers here aren’t considerate at all, more often than not, and lots of them don’t seem like they pay any attention to other drivers and what’s going on around them. Getting cut off and slow drivers in the fast lane is the norm. Another thing about the traffic here is the drunk drivers, there’s lots of bars and casinos, and unfortunately they go hand-and-hand. There’s ALWAYS road construction going on somewhere on practically every big street and freeway, and a lot of the time it seems like a completely pointless job, like repaving a street thats already nice and smooth. The city has some of the most corrupt politicians I’ve ever seen. The police are way too trigger happy, and about 99% of the time (literally) the cops get away with it. The weather is usually either really hot or really cold and it’s usually at least breezy with probably over 300 days of sun a year. The economy is horrible. Don’t move here looking for a job unless you think you can beat out a few hundred people applying for the position you want. If you’re looking for a job and you live here, it’s hard, really hard and you’re probably not going to be doing the job you want, or where you want. It’s pretty common to see people that you would think would be at least at the corporate management level working at fast food restaurants. If you own a home here and want to move away, you can’t, because the market is flooded with places for sale and most people are upside down on their mortgage. The education system here is alright, but a lot of my teachers in high school didn’t really seem like they cared about the students or even liked their job. The university UNLV, has lots of programs, and is a good school if you want a typical party college experience, but the joke is UNLV stands for “you never leave Vegas” because they have a tendency to change program requirement. So your 4 year degree might take 5. If your outdoorsy then you can find some stuff to do. There’s great hiking around, like The Valley of Fire and Red Rock Canyon, and Lake Mead is alright, but you have to deal with the harsh weather most of the year. Mount Charleston is beautiful and it’s only a half hour or so away. There’s lots of conventions to go to and the speedway is great. There’s lots and lots and lots of concerts but ones on the Strip are really expensive if it’s a well known band. March and October have the best weather usually, with temperatures in the 70s. If you have a job lined up and are moving here, then your set, because houses are ridiculously cheap right now, because the real estate market tanked. There’s good hospitals around, especially for kids. CSN is a great college that has lots of programs, like dental, culinary, and automotive, but budget cuts have hit them pretty hard.

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