Who's Your City?, by Richard Florida
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My City

I live in Hamilton. I moved from Vancouver to Hamilton. I love how everything in Hamilton is hidden by the gritty nature of the steeltown and the working class nature. What people don’t easily see is how beautiful and creative Hamilton is.

Sent by Ian from Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

3 Responses to “My City”

  1. Libby Says:

    Steeltown. Is it anything like Pittsburgh?

  2. Andrew Says:

    I agree with your analogy; I find dirt and grit generally indicate a city has something beneath the surface. Cities that are too antiseptic seem to only have that superficial veneer.

  3. Iain Says:

    Libby, many people to compare Hamilton to Pittsburgh except Pittsburgh’s image as a steel town started to evaporate years ago. The city has made a number of progressive investments, mainly under Mayor Murphy who is no longer in power, that have dragged the city out of decline and in to an era of transition. Hamilton still has (well until recently when one of the mills was closed ‘temporarily’ due to the recession) an active industrial sector. It’s health sector is trying to grow but it is nothing like the UPMC in Pittsburgh and with the lack of investments in hospital space it likely never will be. I’m not sure that Richard looks to Pittsburgh as a great success but I think it’s done quite well all things considered. I live close to Hamilton and know it well. Hamilton is changing but is facing a bit of identity crisis in my mind — in terms of what it’s role in the larger urban region will be in 30 years.

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