Who's Your City?, by Richard Florida
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Having lived in several creative cities I would have to say that Hamilton, ON (where we now live) compares favorably. Things I like: access to nature, gritty industrial past and future, easy access to Toronto (which is a very open, creative city), zero social pretension, friendly neighbours, the Niagara Escarpment, waterfalls, Lake Ontario, and enormous potential to take photographs of all of the above and upload them onto Flickr!

Sent by Michael from Hamilton, ON, Canada

4 Responses to “Hamilton”

  1. Libby Says:

    Two posts about Hamilton! Maybe I need to go check this place out…

  2. dave Says:

    If people start talking about Hamilton too much then Torontonians are gonna start moving there, and nobody in Hamilton wants that. It’s our secret.

  3. Lisa Says:

    I have lived in Hamilton most of my life and truly feel at home here.
    It is a really great location with quick access to almost every amenity and region in Southern Ontario. We are close to the Canada-US border and have our own airport and are well-positioned to thrive in the new age. We have a large immigrant population that is drawn to our community of over 500,000 that still feels like a hometown.
    The key to our future prosperity will be to attract even more talent to our city. Hamilton is and will always be a great place to work and live!

  4. Ian DeGeer Says:

    I am so happy someone else noted the importance and beauty of Hamilton. While the era of the steeltown is possibly gone, this remains one of the greatest places to live…

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