Who's Your City?, by Richard Florida
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Red Rocks, Friendly People, and Great Energy

Since it is a regional hub, our little city has many of the advantages of a larger urban area. We have two good medical centers, an outstanding library system, an expanding four-year-college with a young, vibrant music department, an active arts council, and, best of all, astonishing scenery. My husband and I can go hiking in a different remote, peaceful canyon every day of the week and not drive more than ten or fifteen minutes. We do have four seasons, but snow rarely stays on the ground more than a couple of days in January. Don’t come. I’m kidding…well, sort of.

Sent by Linda from Grand Junction, Colorado

3 Responses to “Red Rocks, Friendly People, and Great Energy”

  1. Libby Says:

    Sounds like perfection! Are jobs plentiful?

  2. Tyler Says:

    I do not think Grand Junction is a great place. Not to slam anyone who wants to live there but the red rock country is really in Utah not so much in the flat boring landscape of Grand Junction…. seriosuly its a Trucker hub station, and the only thing artsy about this place is its trucker diners

  3. Sabrina Says:

    I lived about 40 minutes away from Grand Junction and have been there many times, but can’t say that it’s that great. For the area, I guess it has some jobs and it does have some good hikes, but it’s dry and lacks personality, class, and anything that beautiful…kind of dirty and plain.

    While more expensive, Glenwood Springs (about an hour up the valley) is beautiful, active, and full of life with plenty of rivers, trees, mountains, rockclimbing, and personality.

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