Who's Your City?, by Richard Florida
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Japanese Edition of Who’s Your City?

japanesewycThe Japanese edition of Richard Florida’s Who’s Your City? is now available.

To see all the book covers of Who’s Your City? in their various translations, check out our gallery on the Who’s Your City? Facebook page (and if you’re not already a Facebook friend, join us there as well as on the Creative Class Facebook page).

Have you taken the Who’s Your City? place finder to discover just where you belong? Try it out here (or click the “Place Finder” link to the left) and tell us what you think of your results!

2 Responses to “Japanese Edition of Who’s Your City?”

  1. Libby Says:

    The place finder pretty much confirmed what I already suspected about the areas where I could/should live. What was especially great about it though were all the questions about quality of life and preferences – some things I may not have otherwise taken into consideration.

  2. Rana Says:

    That is great to hear. So where did it say you should live?

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