Who's Your City?, by Richard Florida
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Love Beijing

beijingI was born and grew up in Beijing – a five-generation “Beijinger”, some may say. Then, 6 years ago I moved to Montreal, now living in Toronto. My experience, I recently realized, brought me a global prospective to tell what Beijing is special about.

Culture – I would say it is “凝重 (ning zhong)” in Chinese, meaning…sensation of life’s heaviness and concentrate, which shows among buildings and on people’s faces. Besides, Beijing is supposed to be culture and political centre of China, so…

Changes – I biked to middle and high school for 6 years and then drove private car to university for another 4 years. Beijing changes right in front of your eyes! New bridges today, old buildings torn down tomorrow. Today majority bike, tomorrow you find everyone drives. Cities in the developed countries are already developed when the Y gen were born, but Beijing gives them a chance to witness how human societies grow from scretch, find and set its tone on its way of development.

I love Beijing, miss Beijing.

Sent by Caroline from Toronto

2 Responses to “Love Beijing”

  1. Libby Says:

    Why did you leave? And do you have any plans to return?

  2. caroline Says:

    Hi Libby,

    Thanks for asking questions. To study, that’s the main reason I left Beijing. In fact, I am returning for a visit in TWO days!—chill the tsing dao beer

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