Who's Your City?, by Richard Florida
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Valencia’s Future

I am a 26 years old native from València which means that I ‘ve seen in live the conversion from the heavy industry times. Although the Valencia s caracteristiques are powerful and, in part, exploited,those that aren’t being exploited make me understand that the recent future is going to be deeply hard.Valencia is the only city in the world that has been able to make its reconversion emulating the Barcelona way seeing the pathetic failure of European trade cities as Marseille and Genoa but the delay in consolidating the cool BIOTECH CORRIDOR is our death. The city has recovered the pride because the profile has been shown in the massive media through the America s Cup but the teams HQ s aren’t used…and the F1 circuit on it doesn’t change anything…the real estate barons don t see the exclusivity of the beach where all that happens being broadcasted on tv… I m working in a project to put in contact people interested in establishing their home-offices in this piece of gold as nobody wants to….I m very worried anyway.

Sent by Ivan from Valencia, Spain

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