Who's Your City?, by Richard Florida
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Curiously the real estate boom that has given Madrid the chance to emerge in the Spanish context in this last decade has converted now in a mountain of billionaire debt. Barcelona and Valencia, the historic productive mega-region, became the periphery of Madrid losing, it seemed, for ever, the leadership…  Although it’ s true that from the urbanologist point of view Barcelona-Valencia conform a leading mega-region the super-powerhouse of Madrid has subordinated it through its huge train system and the natural Hispanoamerican connection (finance and Barajas mega airport, larger already than Frankfurt and Amsterdam).

There we have, then, a new mega region for Mr.Florida: EL CUANDRANTE NORESTE (the NORTH EASTERN SQUARE): Madrid retains the Sock Exchange for Spanish and Hispanics, the transport plans pass by the Spanish High Speed Train Stations and Barajas, the biggest gay community in the world (Chueca Neighbourhood) won’t move from there and the civil servants and media clusters will stay. The País Vasco mecanics centres (plus the La Rioja and Ribera del Duero food clusters) stays in good shape sending, as always, the innovative young people to Madrid. And on the other hand, the old and slave mega-region Valencia-Barcelona forgetting the real estate golden years to realize that or we give sense to our two energetic metropolis (Barcelona reaches around 4 million inhabitants,Valencia around 2 million) attracting creative business starters or we will be in a very strange and dangerous situation in this new context. Barcelona is already a world top bio farma cluster, an industrial design cluster and a 1st class food cluster. Valencia is trying to show its unique architectural evolution to the world while the creative clusters emerge very very slowly…

Sent by Iván from València

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  1. Libby Says:

    The evolution of another mega-region is hopeful – Valencia is definitely a city to watch as the economy twists and turns. Thanks for the highlights.

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